Monday, March 31, 2008

1st black owned search engine

I'm just passing along this info from my great-uncle.. I haven't actually used this or even looked at it... let me know how it is.


1st black owned search engine -- PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

First Totally Black Owned Search Engine.... As some of you might know, a dynamic young African-American Internet duo, Rob and Roz Rucker have created a brand new search engine and portal site called The The site is designed with African-Americans in mind.

Right now their viewer-ship is the low thousands. They need to cross the hundreds of thousands barrier to have any real chance of keeping this site on-line at all. Some of you are thinking... why does it matter?

It matters because Black Voices is wholly owned by the Tribune Company;

Black Families by Cox Communications; by an Asian company; and Soul City HBO by AOL-Times/Warner. BlackWebPortal is the only site that is 100% African-American owned. The BlackWebPortal needs all of us to start emailing our friends, relatives, etc., all over the world to start using the resources at the BlackWebPortal. The important thing is that they need help getting the word out about this site. Let's help this site out by visiting and seeing what they have to offer. So please tell EVERYONE about the Black Web Portal. Don't just bookmark it for yourself. Spread the news! This is a new millennium!

We must begin truly supporting black technology efforts in the same way we cheer on our movie and athletic stars. If we don't, they'll end up having to do the same as other black webs... by getting assistance from elsewhere, thereby losing the original flavor they have.


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