Monday, March 31, 2008

The Denial of a hot dog rocking negro...

While at work today "supporting the war on terror" I was having a debate at work with my boy Rell aka Gunrule's Finest about whether or not he was rocking a Ballpark frank on the back of his neck. EVEN after photographic evidence he refuse to concede to the fact that his is indeed a "Hot Dog Rocking Negro!"

For those of you not in the "know" a "hot dog" is a deposit of FAT located on the back of the neck. Sometimes it's caused due to hereditary (word to Shane Battier & Timbaland) and sometimes is just due to a lack of exercise. I don't know which is the case with young Rell (i'm going to say exercise because he gets lesson in Lebron 101 constantly from me) so I'll just leave it up to the masses.

Click Pic's for a CLOSE UP!

and further proof! The profile pic!

Come to grips with the reality of your hot dog Rell!


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