Wednesday, April 30, 2008

*Micah Update*

my pops bought GTAIV and i'm fucking addicted to it.. guess what I'll be spending my rebate on? ps3 and GTVIV...



And LaQwonda wonders why...

...she got her ass fired from stint as a "performer" at a Adult-Themed Webcam operation.

She must've had a long night trying to win 1st prize (consisting of a pack of black-n-milds, 2 tickets to Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor and a bottle of henny) at the Bust-It-Baby contest at Club Crunk.


How dope is this?

Here's a pic of Faith in the aureopuerte w/ Biggie Jr in tow ROCKING SOME MF DOOMS!!!. Although I doubt he's even vaguely familiar with the works of Daniel Dumile but thats neither here nor there..

on another note here's ChrisNYC rocking some Marshall Amps Dunk Hi's aka THE POOR MAN DOOMS..

I make it look easy.. it's nothing really..

Why some people shouldn't be allowed to protest...

Does Jesse Owens ring a bell?

Shit like this makes me embarrased to be a Floridian...smh

Jesus Take The Wheel...

Solange I know it must suck living in your big sisters shadow and you're desperate to burst out from underneath it BUT this is not the way to do it!

Here she is looking like Dil from "The Crying Game".

and the sad thing was Dil' was a fucking man...


Cougar Alert...

Dear Lynn Whitfield,

you are quite possibly the finest 54yr old on this earth!! You ma'am are a COUGAR and I wouldn't hesitate to tap that 54yr old ass! Even in your ripe age of 54 you are making it rain on 70% of women under the age of 35 and I applaud you! I don't know wtf beauty regime you do but it's working. Lynn I wanna lay in your hair (maybe I shouldn't have just typed that) note-to-self: try to keep those things inside ya head from now on...



p.s. Lynn if you ain't down to get broke off with some good jugg then I would knock your daughter down before you even got to finish the "o" in no. Because boo, the apple damn sure ain't falling far from the tree!

Guess who got some titties now?

that "sanga" chick from MTBIII...Sarah I think her name was...

She is definitely on MILF status! Don't she got like 3 youngn's?


sidenote: her hubby is so lame! This mawfucka wanna be a Star so bad! Fuckin leach ass nigga! I'ma start referring to that dude as Lurk! Because the lame stay lurking in every fucking picture she pop up in!

Another sidenote: I hate seeing two light-skinned people together!


she obviously wasn't going for a non porn look cuz look at her before...

Guess who's shit got repo'd?

New York’s CW11 recently did a report on the recent rash of vehicle repossessions due to the faltering economy. About two minutes into this clip, they follow some repo men to Lil Kim’s McMansion and “reallocate” her silver Bentley. Then when the reporters knock on her door to ask her about it, she acts like she doesn’t know what they’re talking about and curses them out. Classy broad.


Jokerized Dark Knight Movie Trailer

At the latest Dark Knight viral events, one winner was chosen from the audience to take home a 35mm print of The Dark Knight movie trailer. As it turns out, this 35mm print is actually defaced by The Joker himself. One of the winners put the Jokerfied trailer online. Check it out after the jump.

God, I can't wait for this to drop!
I haven't been excited to see a batman movie since I was a youngn...

Refacing Government Tender

This was pretty funny...

from the creator Joe D:

wow, i'm surprised how much everyone likes this. it's just something i've been toying around with every now and then, it all started when i would draw glasses or beards on money with the counterfeit pen on the registers at work and just grew in to a hobby. also, keep in mind that a lot of these were taken with camera phones or in low lighting moments before i had to spend them (i'm a poor college student, of course i spent them, i can't afford to keep a collection of twenties somewhere). the quality is getting better, but be lenient. thanks! and tell your friends!

here's a sample:

"Green Lantern Lincoln"

in brightest day,
or darkest night,
no evil shall escape my sight,
for those that worship evil's might,
beware my power,
green lantern's light!

View Pic's Here

I'm hurrrr...


Sup ya'll I got to Indy safely... It's a bit chilly to me which makes me very unhappy!

here's some new tracks!

Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park - We made it

Cliff aka T.I. - No Matter What

kanYeWest feat. Dwele & Colin Munroe - Flashing Lights (GITD Version)
Appearently this is the version that's he's be performing on the G.I.T.D tour.. If you don't know who Colin Munroe is then kill yourself. After you ATTEMPT to kill yourself search this site for the post I did on him AWHILE ago!

Fam-Lay - War Music

The Game - 911 is a joke (response to Sean Bell verdict)

Lupe Fiasco feat. CL Smooth - Paris, Tokyo

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I'm Leavinnnn on a jet plane..."

what's good ya'll? Ya boy is going on a 10 day vacay to Indianapolis. I'll still be updating the site but probably not as frequently. Then again, I may be on more than normal because Naptown is somewhat lame at times...

anywho, I leave you with my traveling song...
DJ Honda feat. Mos Def - Travellin' Man

peace biatches...

The 10 Worst HDTV Ripoffs Explained

•Fake HD and Cable Satellite Channels: Did you know that a number of HD channels broadcast a lot of "fake HD?" Anyone who has ever watched some of TNT's HD broadcasts can attest to that.

•Dynamic Contrast Ratio Measurement Specification: The contrast ratio number is basically meaningless.

•Line Conditioners: They do nothing to improve the HDTV image.

•Deep Color: No deep color sources makes this a worthless feature.

•x.v.Color: Until Laser TVs and xv Color HD discs appear on the scene, this feature is not truly useful.

•1080p HDTVs below 42" (diagonal): If you own a HDTV under 42", chances are you won't recognize the quality difference over 720p—unless you are standing really close to the TV.

•Flat LCD HDTVs 26" and Smaller: The image quality of LCD HDTVs in the 26" inch range or lower is generally poor.

•120Hz HDMI Cables: As mentioned before, expensive HDMI cables are a huge ripoff. Case in point, decent HDMI cable for less than $2. I bought a few myself and they work fine.

•Off Brand Model HDTVs: No-name brands may cost you more down the line.

•HDMI: Horrible connector design can prove problematic. Always pretest your connections.

damn.. I feel bamboozled..



If you want to some nasty shit then click here... i'm speechless...

Click Here

It's NSFW and fellas it will surely be in the back of ya mind next time you skeet off in a chica..

Now THIS is a dope ass bath tub!!

“Sorgente” is a very beautiful bathtub by Lenci Design for Teuco. Highlighted by a seamless sunken profile and fitted with 8 Hydrosilence whirlpool jets, the tub’s function is super quiet to ensure a tranquil experience. In the Sorgente bathtub you can also enjoy the benefits of a control panel or remote control operation, plus underwater lighting, a magnetic headrest, and a pull-out shower with a flexible hose. It fills automatically and treats the water with its internal filtration system for your convenience.

This looks like one of those types of tubs that you don't wanna get out so you let a lil' water drain out and then fill it back up with some more hot water to warm it up. The water be looking like juice from Ramen


The Black Mario Brothers

Wow, this is so fucking corny on such a atrocious level!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Why is she still relevant?!?

Deelishus is appearing in the new issue of Smooth Magazine.

I'm sorry ya'll but she in NOT attractive by far! I think she is so overrated! Speaking of overrated I'm going to be doing a top 10 list of the most overrated chick to me. Be on the lookout! I'm sure it'll cause some controversy amongst my readers..

Is it really that serious?

Read Story

yes it is! If you ever been to Disney World you know the lines are serious and it's hot as fuck! I'd beat a fucking old person up if she/he tried to cut the line...

Disney turns the most reasonable person into a fucking savage!

2007 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Versace

The guts is soooo mean!!!

blog update...

I'm getting ready for my lil' mini vacay...packing and shit! I'll update after I handle some biz and catch some z's..



Sunday, April 27, 2008

See what happens when you throw rocks at the throne DESHAWN?!?

Jay-Z - Blow The Whistle Freestyle (Dissin' DeShawn Stevenson!!!)


Deshawn, when you fuck with the bull you get the HORNS! Fallback bitch!!!



Hoe Sit Down the Cavs won! Pleasure P get the sand outta ya cooch it'll be ok...

Don't Be Expecting Blog Posts Today...

Bron'Bron' needs me...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jordan Murkin' that backboard...

Jordan is that dude...

Night Night

"get outta the ring!" "No fuck that, fuck you he's my brother..."

well kind sir your brother just got his ass knocked the fuck out!

Chinese executing Tibetians

so fucking cowardly and horrific...

Ghost Ride The Mine Resistant Ambush Vehicle

Good to see they can still have fun even in the most adverse conditions....

Ghost Ride The Mine Resistant Ambush Vehicle

kanYe Vs. Johah Hill

Ye' is a fool! Who else puts theme music on! I gotta get a decent MP3 of that ye' "lollipop" freestyle.. The copy I got is crappy!

Connect 4 - Jonah Hill vs. Kanye from kwest on Vimeo.

Friday, April 25, 2008



"My son knows every last dance Soulja Boy does and every last song he ever made," James said. "So if my son was watching, he enjoyed it."


P.S. I swear Stevenson looks like Tum Tum



NaS - War Is Necessary


awww fuck it....

I've been sitting on this for a couple of days. I was gonna wait til' a few days before the release date but fuck it! THIS CD IS FAR TOO HOT TO WAIT ANY LONGER!!

Download Here



oh yeah....

Download Here

Tim Hardaway and That damn Killa Crossover

Tim was the dude!!!

remember his kicks? HOT!!!

mm leftovers...

a few more tracks I forgot to post...

The Roots Ft Common-The Show

Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 - Renagades (Original Version) (Never officially released?)

Ghostface feat Raekwon & Slick Rick - The Sun (Never officially released)

Criminal-The Roots ft Saigon


Tricky Dicky & Pleasure P I know ya'll love this shit you bamma ass go-go niggaz...

but this shit is hot as fuck though..

Riskay Ft. Aviance & Real - Smell Yo Dick (Video)

The sad part is that this bitch is so serious w/ this shit!

Things like this make me wanna turn in my black card..smh

Jesus Take The Wheel...

cuz Eli is spinning outta control!!!

There is so many things wrong w/ this shit! Like 1.) the nigga rubbing all up on dudes chest, 2.) having a garbage nigga battle a retarded nigga and 3.) having some lame ass niggaz comment on a battle..

I put it on my momma I tried my damnest not to laugh! I really did ya'll but after Eli fucked up and had to restart I lost it...

I know I'm going to


Some more goodies...

Jadakiss- From Now Till Then (Prod. By Alchemist)

Jadakiss- What Goes Up

Fabolous ft. Freck Billionare, Paul Cain, & Red Cafe- Jack Move

The Roots - Criminal (feat. Saigon & Truck North)

Rapper Big Pooh (1/2 of Little Brother) - Smile

Killer Mike ft. Shawty Lo - 2 Sides

Drake - Brand New

Shawty Redd - Special

Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne - Girls Around The World
(I was hesitant to post this on account lil' weasel really works my nerves but this shit is too hot!)

Cops not guilty shooting Sean Bell

Fuckin' pigs... 50 fucking shots and they get acquitted! This is such bullshit!

Papoose - 50 Shots

Read Story

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