Saturday, May 31, 2008

Now THIS is a lounge chair...

For those who never compromise on luxury and comfort when it comes to buying furniture, the Living Lounge chair is a blessing in disguise. This sturdy looking lounge furniture might not dole out approval of its comfort level but its recent achievement of being declared a winner in the 2008 Niche Awards (furniture) speaks volumes regarding that. Its creators pose it as a concept that blends styling with an early 20th Century European Roadster that gives it a life thriving gesture as well. With dimensions: 96″ x 38″ x 30″ it not only adjusts itself perfectly well in your modish home settings but with materials used, such as fiberglass, poplar and micro-suede, it gives you the most relaxing and soothing lounge experience ever. The makers are currently taking deposits for its very limited edition. Price: $7500.


Is it leaky in here?

(yes I know that's not the REAL cover but its the BEST cover)

Lil' Weasel's - Carter III has officially leaked... *yawnz.. If you want the link to it holla at me... I would post it but I know the blood hounds at Universal are trolling blogspot for people who leak this shit and I don't want my shit getting shut down for that wanksta...


This shit don't make no sense! I was watching this on "Nancy Grace" (yes I like that show) and all I could do was shake my head & say to myself "NIGGAS". Apparently the girl (pink shirt) was in Saturday ISS (In School Suspension) and was talking reckless to the substitute teacher (white shirt). Well the sub wasn't having it and promptly told her after hearing the student say that she was gonna "snatch her wig off" that she wouldn't have to snatch the wig off because she'd take it off and defend herself if needed. Well the rest is nigga history...

Jesus take the wheel...

Praise HIM!!

Damn Sister Stephens!!

People who catch the "Holy Ghost" always make me laugh! Cuz I swear they're faking! How come it's only goes down in black churches? How come catholics and Mormons don't catch the Holy Ghost!?!


NOW THIS IS NUCKING FUTS (Dickie Roberts was on tv)

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Using only its brainpower, a monkey can direct a robotic arm to pluck a marshmallow from a skewer and stuff it into its mouth, researchers said on Wednesday.

"They are using a motorized prosthetic arm to reach out, grab and bring the food back to their face," said Andrew Schwartz of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, whose study will appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Nature.

Schwartz said the technology behind this feat may lead to brain-powered prosthetic limbs for people with spinal cord injuries or disabling diseases that make such simple tasks impossible.

Until now, such brain-machine interfaces have been used to control cursor movements on a computer screen. Schwartz and colleagues wanted to apply the technology to real-world tasks.

The monkey guides the robot arm the same way it does its natural limbs, through brain signals.

Schwartz' team picks up those signals through an array of microelectrodes half the size of a thumbtack that has been implanted in the monkey's brain. These signals are amplified and relayed to a computer that operates the robotic arm.

Schwartz said his team has learned that certain motor neurons fire rapidly when the monkey wants to move a certain way. "What is important is each neuron seems to have a preferred direction," Schwartz said in a telephone interview.

"One cell will fire a lot if you move upward. Another cell will fire a lot if you move to the right. All you really need to do is listen to these neurons at the same time to determine which direction the animal wants to move in," he said.


"We record those patterns of action potential, interpret them with a computer and extract the monkey's intention to move. That serves as a control signal to the robot."

Schwartz said it takes about three days for a monkey to learn to operate the arm, and they continuously improve.

So far, they have trained two monkeys to feed themselves with the robotic arm. The monkeys sit in a chair with their arms gently restrained in sleeves that keep them from simply grabbing the food on their own. "These animals will just relax their arms as they control these devices," Schwartz said.

The monkeys appear to enjoy the task. "They sure like eating their marshmallows." Sometimes the team will use pieces of apple, orange or zucchini. "Just about anything we can that doesn't make too big of a mess," Schwartz said.

The ultimate goal is to develop a brain-powered prosthesis that can restore near-natural function to an amputee or person with a spinal cord injury.

But first, they want to refine the system. The next step is to develop an operating wrist and jointed fingers to add dexterity to the device.

"If you look at what these patients really need, they need to be able to use their fingers to increase their quality of life. They need to button shirts and pull zippers and things like that," Schwartz said.

The researchers must overcome several engineering challenges, including developing more durable electrodes that do not lose their signal over time, but Schwartz believes such devices are feasible.

"We're learning more and more about brain function as we do this," he said.

(Editing by Maggie Fox and Eric Beech)


Presenting Sony's "Sountina" speakers

Sony's non-directional, glass-tube speaker prototype called the Sountina (NSA-PF1) glass speaker has been approved for production. The 6-foot tall, 50- to 20,000Hz speaker features inputs that include analog RCA and digital coax and optical TOS supporting up to 24bit/96kHz linear PCM (stereo). Specs include a 13-cm subwoofer, 7-cm mid, and organic glass tweeter. The piece is slated to cost around ¥1,000,000 (about €6,500 / $10,000).

These are truly BEAUTIFUL!! *drooling*



Crazy TATTS!!

As Arrested Development's David Cross says in the forward to Aviva Yael & P.M. Chen's new photo collection of everyday folks and their awesome-awful ink, No Regrets: The Best, Worst & Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever, "this book is filled with mistakes, bad jokes and delusions."

my personal faves are: Napoleon Dynamite, Britney Spears, Zach Morris, ODB and Judge Judy!

Peeandgo golden urinal for women

Desgner Chen & Karlsson inspired by traditional squat urinals in Asia and Middle East designed Peeandgo. It is a golden urinal for women. This Customary urinal is developed mostly to break cultural paradigms in the West. Peeandgo is tailored to gain comfort, efficiency, hygiene in the west.

DAMN!! women got it bad in other countries!! And ya'll be complaining about having to "hover" over toilet seat! lol


Friday, May 30, 2008

New Flight Policies...

Flying is starting to suck major ass now...

1. Telephone bookings. In order to get you to book online, phone booking fees are running up to $25, but may be waived for some upper-elites registered in frequent flier programs.

2. Second bags and oversized luggage. Several airlines in the U.S. now charge passengers $25 each way for checking a second piece of luggage. And if your one “free” suitcase tops an ounce above 50 pounds, you’ll be slapped with a $50 to $80 overweight fee. On top of all that, American Airlines said on Wednesday that it plans to charge $15 to check just one suitcase on a domestic flight. (That would be your one “free” suitcase on the other airlines, the article didn’t say when this would take effect).

3. An indecent meal. Continental remains the only U.S. legacy carrier still serving complimentary meals in coach on flights of two hours or more. Pay-to –eat seems to be a new fixture of flying, from $2 chips to $5 dollar snack packs and $10 sandwiches. Expect to be charged for soft drinks if oil continues to climb.

4. Better seats. If you want to choose seats with more leg room, at an exit row, by a window, on an aisle or even to choose any seat in advance, be prepared to pay $5 to $35 to some domestic airlines for the privilege.

5. Kids traveling solo. These charges can now be up to $100 each way for an unaccompanied minor on a nonstop flight.

6. Change–of-plans.

7. Passenger facility charges, fuel surcharges and taxes.

8. Award redemption.

9. Paper tickets. Expect to be charged $50 to $75 if you insist on paper tickets from an airline.

10. Standby status. Expect to pay about $25 if you want to fly earlier or later than your original flight, even if the flight is wide open.

Chris Rock: No Apologies Tour

In Richmond at the Landmark Theatre, July 11! You already know I'm there...

Get Info Here


1. Live in Cities:
Urban Living Is Kinder to the Planet Than the Suburban Lifestyle

2. A/C Is OK:
Air-Conditioning Actually Emits Less C02 Than Heating

3. Organics Are Not the Answer:
Surprise! Conventional Agriculture Can Be Easier on the Planet

4. Farm the Forests:
Old-Growth Forests Can Actually Contribute to Global Warming

5. China Is the Solution:
The People's Republic Leads the Way in Alternative-Energy Hardware

6. Accept Genetic Engineering:
Superefficient Frankencrops Could Put a Real Dent in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

7. Carbon Trading Doesn't Work:
Carbon Credits Were a Great Idea, But the Benefits Are Illusory

8. Embrace Nuclear Power:
Face It. Nukes Are the Most Climate-Friendly Industrial-Scale Form of Energy

9. Used Cars — Not Hybrids:
Don't Buy That New Prius! Test-Drive a Used Car Instead

10. Prepare for the Worst:
Climate Change Is Inevitable. Get Used to It

info via WiredMAG

Jesus Take The Wheel...

This lil' girl needs to have her lil' fast ass beat! Where are her parents? And what grown adult is "making it rain on her?"

I Need This In My Life

As well as being able to slot a bare hard drive straight in, the Multi-Function Dock is also a four slot card reader (for just about any format going) and a two-port USB hub. It even has an eSATA-out port, so you could wire this directly into the nervous system of your computer, or maybe the back of your own brain.

In common with the Stage Rack, the dock requires you to pay a ridiculous $25 shipping charge, bring the price up to $80. But for its utility, and for the fact that this will de-clutter your embarrassingly messy desk, it might be worth it.

VIA wired


In a jailhouse interview, Michael Turner admits to fatally shooting his wife and injuring his two children in a fit of rage. The 29-year-old says his wife intended to turn him in to police and that he accidentally fired at the children when she tried to shield them from the bullets.

this negro is NUTTY!!!

watch Here

I Need These In My Life

Cop Here

If you say "Who's That?" KILL YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY then resurrect yourself and then KILL YOURSELF AGAIN...

Cop Here

R.I.P Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman, the tall, versatile comedian who won four Emmys for his outrageously funny contributions to "The Carol Burnett Show" and played a conniving politician to hilarious effect in "Blazing Saddles," died Thursday. He was 81.


Cybertecture Egg

Its 13 floors are far lighter on columns that conventional buildings since the structure supported by its exterior. And rooftop green space dissipates heat while the building harnesses solar and wind power.

But the most impressive part of the Cybertecture Egg may be for its daily inhabitants. Office workers are treated to customizable workspaces that will apparently alter their "view" with the world locale of their choice—so much for all those gorgeous windows. In addition, bathrooms will monitor worker health by measuring weight and blood pressure. And a doctor will be alerted to any drastic changes.

To see more images of this amazing structure click Here

The Glovephone

"The Glovephone is sadly just a concept. Connecting via Bluetooth to your handset, the Glovephone is meant for extreme weather conditions and rescue workers. There's even an emergency button for if you find yourself injured with limited mobility."

*Note to pimps: stay away from this phone! You could be slapping ya ho and calling the cops at the same time...


Dean Kamen and "Luke"

Dean Kamen is the inventor of "Luke" a prosthetic arm. He invented "Luke" because of the large influx of troops coming home from fighting missing limbs. His goal was to create artificial limbs that would be more lifelike and have better interaction with the daily needs of a human.

This is simply amazing!!!

Ahhhh I miss the younger days...

of course this went down before I was conceived but I remember the various artist that would perform on Sesame Street!

TV sucks now...

MURS is that dude..

Anyone who knows me knows I stan for this dude!!

Kanye, Jay-Z Prove Hip-Hop Tours Can Be Big Business

Ye' Glow In The Dark tour is on pace to do $21 milly!! I LOVE IT!! This is a big "FUCK YOU" to the snooty people who turn their backs on hip-hop!!

Read Story

Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Version #1)

ye' is nuts w/ it!

New Wale Mixtape!

Download Here


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