Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nike ACG x Pendleton Woolen Mills | All Mountain Jacket

The Pendleton Limited Edition, which is part of Nike ACG’S men’s life range, lends more than a touch of heritage to the hill this year. This 100% virgin wool jacket was created as part of Nike ACG’s collaboration with Pendleton Mill in Portland, Oregon. Famed and respected for their Native Indian Trade blankets, Pendleton have become part of the fabric of North Western US society since their beginnings in 1893. Their success has been partly thanks to the attributes of wool that make it as breathable and durable as modern textiles. This jacket draws upon the strength of the fabrics and the sense of history associated with Pendleton. Only 375 will be created worldwide.

The jacket has a leather logo patch, an attached hood and all other technical aspects that you expect from the Nike ACG range. We like very much the balance between technical features, usability and the more traditional aspect of working with Pendleton.

Expect the jacket to be available soon.

I like the use of Native American designs! Buttttt 10 Deep already used this theme and quite nicely I may add! But nevertheless its still a dope jacket!


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