Monday, June 30, 2008

I spy with my phone....

someone who puts the H.A.M in HAMpton...smh

House of Convexities


Someone thinks they're DIESEL

Light Bench by Frellstedt

How dope is this? This is truly Nucking Futs (c - dicky roberts)!

Light Bench by Frellstedt, Germany, is based on modern RGB LED lighting technology. Thanks to LED it can be lighted in millions of adjustable shades of hard or soft colors. Choose from a fixed hues set or a predefined set of changing colors. Relax in your favorite atmosphere by letting the Light bench smoothly transition from one hue to the other. The bench is suitable for indoor and outdoor, and is weather resistant and rugged. Several benches can be combined together for a more dramatic look. It operates by an individually pre-programmed remote control that is simple and intuitive to use. Almost an art object, the Light Bench creates the right presence in creative and communicative environments.


Ladies, wouldn't you like to FEEL the music..

Find out how by going Here.

I Need These In My Life

black liner shoe by bernhard willhelm


buy Here

Even hero's need BREAKS!

The creepiest duece I've ever seen chunked..

I can't believe he has a fucking sextape too... *holding vomit in*


Check out this interview with STARbury. He calls his wife ‘My Best Ho’... As Tommy would say PAUSE.



Guy Ritchie is THAT DUDE! c - Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells, etc..

Multikino Theatre's

Billed as the “most spectacular and stylish CINEMA IN EUROPE!” and I couldn't agree more.. (Like I been all over Europe to make that claim! lol)

"The Premiere Hall has an air of splendid theatre and opera auditoria. It features numerous decorative elements, ornaments, and wall lighting details. For convenience, special comfortable seats have been placed in the hall, upholstered with cosy fabrics, and in the VIP-zone they are covered with genuine purple leather. The entire hall, although very modern, alludes by its colour scheme to the tradition of grand theatre and opera auditoria, which is exemplified by an impressive six-metre chandelier made using a state-of-the-art LED technology."

"Both in the upper part of the Premiere Hall and in the first storey connected to the Premiere Hall, there is a VIP-zone called the ‘Velvet Bar’. It includes a distinctive long bar and a separate stage – to be used both for music performances and as a separate bay with mobile seats. For a total convenience, the VIP zone has its own cloakroom and toilets. The monochromatic black and purple interior, walls covered in a quilted plush fabric, mirrors, black stone, and spectacular lighting determine the extraordinary, luxury and stylish climate of the place, which is designed in a special way and takes the reception of film art to the highest global standards. This place aspires to be a meeting venue not just for sophisticated film lovers, but also for the creators and participants of film art."

"The top level, with a bar and 4 auditoria, is the so-called “35 mm” music club, with a separate DJ booth, a bar and a restaurant zone. It is a place to rest, relax or organise invitation-only events. Its design is different than that of the whole complex. It is strongly illuminated by a giant window and a huge oval skylight in the ceiling. It surrenders to sunlight with its light-coloured, almost white decor, white furniture, sofas and armchairs. This place is special in its dissimilarity to the remaining part of the design, being in opposition to it - a fresh breath. Owing to its functional identity and rearrangement possibilities, it is a perfect place to hold private events, meetings, or – in combination with the auditoria – reviews, private showings, or film marathons."

Damn and I thought "The Rave" was doing it big...damn!


Bernard Chair by Jonas Lindvall

pretty flyyyy...


micAh!'s woman of the day....

Muthafuckin' Lisa McDowell (real name: Shari Headley) from Coming to America!! Lawd Jesus!!

*finger snaps only* NO CLAPPING!!

Boy I hope ol' Ed tore dat down on the set! But knowing this tranny loving ass nigga he probably tore down Arsenio...smh

Read about her HERE

Louis Vuitton Eole 60

"It's in my Louis Bag, it's in my Louis Bag..." - Jeezy

Anyone got $2,300 I can borrow (and not payback)?

The AirPiano...

I play a mean Air Piano when I'm in the whip!

It uses infrared sensors to read the position of the fingers above the board, and relays the positioning to a computer via USB, where the preprogrammed AirPiano software converts it into sound.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jay-Z’s Full Glastonbury Perfomance

lil' shad's shoe collection..

Lame with heat annoy me..

micAh!'s woman of the day....

Aishwarya Rai

An acclaimed Bollywood actress and often regarded as "the most beautiful woman in the world" (I wouldn't say all that...).

read about her here

Ignorance at it's finest! CLASSIC

"you maddddddddd..." - killa


Aries Spears is a fucking fool!! lol

"Damn lady yo ass is so big when you sit down you actually get taller.."


WNBA Live 08

So wrong, yet so damn funny!

Women athlete's get NO respect...

Nike is on some next level shit with their adverts!

reminds me of Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" video

fucking loved that song...

I know i'm wrong but damn...

She's a smart girl for disabling the embed code! I don't even know what her voice sounds like cuz I couldn't get past her mug! I FEEL BAD BUT AT THE SAME TIME I JUST CAN'T HELP IT! I'm torn...

Watch HERE

Mr. Carter's big "fuck you" to Noel Gallagher!

Jay-Z - Wonderwall (Live from Glastonbury 2008)



My pal mike (owner of Got Sole? in Indianapolis, IN) is dropping a special edition t-shirt to mark our illustrious country's anniversary of our deceleration of independence.

words from mike:

Mark your calendar - on Friday July 4th, we will B releasing our limited edition got SOLE? MY FRESH tees...7 men's colors (and 2 women's babydoll tees not pictured)!!! Check 'em out below...


got SOLE?
6243 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 466-1173

Myspace Page

Visit website HERE

***PHONE ORDERS AVAILABLE starting July 4th***

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Miami Zoo Crew

My boy back in the FL showed me a DVD of The Miami Zoo Crew and it left me with my mouth open! I know if I get a bike i'm going to ride that bitch with wreckless abandon and model my riding after these guys!

Miami Zoo Crew - video powered by Metacafe

They were pretty big but then suddenly disappeared.. wonder what happened to em'?

NBA Players with male pattern baldness.. LET IT GO!

Photo bombing: The Fine Art of Ruining Other People's Photos

I have now found a new "sport". Expect to catch me in the background of ya pic straight FUCKING IT UP! LMAO

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