Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Damn Bonnaroo attendee's! How you really feel?

Fans at the Bonnaroo rock fest dispute Kayne's version of why his show started 2 and a half hours late. While Kanye's flack blamed his tardiness on Pearl Jam's running late and needing time to set up 'Ye's elaborate Glow in the Dark set, folks who were there say Kanye's equipment sat on stage for an hour because Yeezy refused to come out because he wanted all the other stages shut down while he performed. Or could it have been that special guest appearance he made earlier that same night in Atlanta at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash? Whatever the reason, fans were so pissed off, the next day they were still chanting "Kanye Sucks" and spray painted the urinals to show their displeasure.


sidenote: My boy Fornicola at work went to Bonnaroo. He said that it wasn't ye' fault (pearl jam stayed on stage 1hr over and kanye's stage team had to set up the set) but did note that he could have said something to the crowd instead of interacting with this whole theatrical stage set. I told him "BITCH THAT'S YE'!! BOW IN THE PRESENCE OF GREATNESS!"

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