Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don't go see "You Don't Mess With The Zohan"!!!

Words cannot express how bad this movie sucked! I think I'm getting old because I swear 4 yrs ago I probably would've been fucking laughing like a school girl at most of the slapstick shit that took place in this movie. I can't front I laughed at a few parts but it was long and very fucking drawn out! A few people actually got up and left! I often thought of joining them but I paid $8.00 and I'm farrrr too cheap to walk out!

I can say without a doubt that the one thing that kept me interested was Ms. Emmanuelle Chriqui! This Moroccan dime made the ding-dong tingle maybe twice the whole movie! Which is good seeing how a copious amount of porn during high-school has totally desensitized my greg to non-nude women.

What an immaculate TIT-TAY! (I apologize to my female readers for being a perv! It's like asthma, tends to flare up from time to time outta no where!)

I should've went and saw the fucking Incredible Hulk.. I heard it was SO MUCH BETTER than the 1st one..

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