Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to control queefing...*snickering*

I used to giggle like a school girl when a chica could queef around me. I think I've learned to control it. Hopefully...

A few tips to help control the trumpet:

Tone down the thrusting
- Gentlemen, no ones likes jack rabbit sex, slow it down and not only will there be less chance of a queef, but more of a chance that you’ll please her.

Find a smaller member
- The bigger the dick, the more air getting pushed in, good things can come in small packages.

Do some Kegel crunches
- Kegel exercises are not only said to help control queefing but can also lead to greater and more frequent orgasms.

Keep your legs down - Any time you put your legs over your head the vagina gets stretched, which means more air can and will escape creating sweet vagina music.

Tell him to keep it in
- Don’t pull all the way out while thrusting, this leaves less opportunity for air to leak out.

Lube up - Not exactly sure why, but for some reason it helps. Everyone likes it better wet anyway. Less friction more pleasure.

Is this what girls do when they're by themselves?

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