Monday, August 25, 2008

When keepin' it real goes WRONG...

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, known for her role on HBO's "The Wire," was released from jail after being picked up on a warrant for refusing to cooperate with prosecutors handling a murder case in which she is a witness.

At a Circuit Court hearing this afternoon, an attorney for Pearson, who had planned to be in New York for the filming of a new movie, told Judge John Addison Howard that she had not received court notices and was willing to "honor her obligations" as a witness to a 2005 killing.

"She will honor what is required of her, but I'm not sure how happy she is in cooperating now that the state's attorney's office had her arrested and had homicide officers breaking down her door," said defense attorney Brad Goldbloom. "If that's how they're trying to get her assistance, I'm not sure it's working."

Authorities said Pearson watched Steven James Lashley stab three men, killing one, after an argument that began outside New York Fried Chicken on The Block in the fall of 2005. The trial has been postponed multiple times this year.

A warrant was issued July 1 after Pearson, 28, failed to appear at an April trial date and told a prosecutor that she "wished to have no further personal contact with her about this case." She had requested witness protection assistance but did not follow through, officials said. She then also failed to appear at a July 7 trial date.

Members of the police homicide unit forced their way into her home yesterday morning to pick her up on the warrant. Once inside, they saw two cigars containing suspected marijuana and "loose plant material" in plain view. She was also charged with one count of drug possession.

She posted $2,500 bond in that case, and a hearing is scheduled for September.

Prosecutors said that they believed Pearson had stopped cooperating when the case was publicized earlier this year.


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