Friday, September 26, 2008


What's up ya'll? I'm in the zone because I was able to score another interview with a very lovely young lady! (wow a "very young lady" who am I? my grandma?) Her name is Stephanie Emma and she's a model (Playboy, King, etc...) and aspiring singer who's not only an incredible beauty but a delight to interview!

So without further adieu please indulge...

micAh! - Do you have a celebrity female crush? If so who is it?
Stephanie Emma - Megan Fox. she seems sexy but masculine ..I love hot chicks who act like dudes ..i'm one of

m! - Where is the most random place you've ever been recognized?
SE - At a hooters by the cooks..I did a few mainstream Latin music videos and they played a lot on Latin TV channels

m! - What’s the lamest line a guy has used on you?
SE - OMG..Too many to choose from

m! - What was you favorite photo shoot?
SE - I guess my favorite and most memorable photo shoot was my first booking..It was for king magazine with Ja Rule ..when he was hot ..And MTV UK was filming the and I was at the shoot with two other models, they were from England and it was all sooo amazing ..

m! - Does Hugh Hefner have that "old person" smell?
SE - HaHa he does not ..

m! - Since our economy is in a recession have you experienced any changes in your lifestyle?
SE - Not really ..I am getting rid of my car just doesn’t make sense to keep it ..I live in NYC

m! - What animals are you scared of?
SE - Reptiles..Ugh

m! - Do you watch porn?
SE - Not on the ..but it doesn't mean I won't ..I have and I’m sure I will again

m! - Have you ever broken a bone?
SE - No

m! - When was the last time you blacked out from drinking?
SE - Last week..

m! - Have you ever gotten revenge on an ex?
SE - Yes. more than he deserved actually

m! - When is it appropriate to fart in front of a new boyfriend/girlfriend?
SE - Never...

m! - If someone is talking to you and their breath is atrocious do you A.) Grin and bear it or B.) Let them know?
SE - Let them know

m! - Who are you voting for?
SE - Obama

m! - What makes you feel creative?
SE - Singing ,painting ,,,

m! - Tell the readers what we should expect from you in the future and please don't hesitate to do any shameless promotion!!
SE - Well I'm recording music now with some very talented people so check back regularly on my myspace..and I will start my blog this week so feel free to comment or message me!


superduperkya said...


shes bad ;]

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