Friday, October 31, 2008

"Hey micAh! what did you do today?"

Ahh nuttin just fly in a muthafuckin' F-15C at speeds of over 700mph while pulling 8.5G's. 1G (gravitational force) = you body weight times the G-force. So if we did 8.5Gs then that 208 (my weight stfu chris) x 8.5Gs (g-force)= 1,768Lbs of pressure against my body!!!!

*Cue the Top Gun theme song*

Walkin' out to the jet with my pilot

Getting into the jet. That flight suit is tight as FUCK so while I was getting in there my homegirl yelled out "look at that booty, fatty bang-bang!" *pause*

These dudes ain't gay. We just act stupid all the time like that. Must be military shit cuz we do shit like this ALLLLLLLL the time, cameras or no cameras. Now that I think of it I wouldn't be surprised if half of the entire military population wasnt gay/bi/lesbiasn. I know a few who I've raised my eyebrow at and thought to myself "this mawfucka is most definetely a tambourine player..."The crew members strapping me up *pause*

Fuckin' off on the flightline...

"Do we got beef?"
"I don't give a fuck cuz I'm just drankin', smokin', straight west coastin'..." - Knoc-tur'al

After the Jet trip, your fearless blogger and his crew helped an old man out buy lifting rock his car off a fucking. We still don't know how the hell he drove his car up on that bitch but whatever... All in a days duty!

blog update...

Sorry folks for the lack of updates but I've been working, hitting the gym and trying to get used to this 3hr time difference! It was kickin' my ass! I promise the status quo will be back to normal ASAP.


p.s. Chris shut your cum-hole!

p.p.s. you TOO Charmaine Catherine Peterson who stays on Vermont Dr in Fort Walton Beach Florida!

Monday, October 27, 2008

This dude obviously hasn't hit puberty

This is Russian singer Vitas. He's supposedly the greatest opera singer there is out there...

We back like cooked crack!

It's lookin' ugly TB!

I'm here....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm leavin' on a jet plane....

I'm leaving today...

I'll be in Vegas for 3 weeks... courtesy of the United States military.


p.s. if you need something while I'm out there then scream at me..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Google Street View is ILL...

Click HERE to see what I'm talking about...

spotted on TSS comment section...

see other shit spotted






This is what people e-mail me at work...

Here's a few vids that people e-mailed me throughout the week. I was going to keep doing individual posts but i'm too lazy for that so I uploaded them to youtube aka cracktube.

1st: baby lotion song.

These are the future leaders of America? If I was them I'd record that bitch and start selling it in the school parking lot because look at Soulja Boy.

P.S. When the fuck has it ever been acceptable to rock Under Armour off the field?!?

2nd: Let that man sleep!

These look like some FL niggaz... ahhhh high school...*reminiscing*

3rd: The Gospel Slide

Did these niggras really throw Obama's name in there as a substitute for a dance move?

4th: Fork in the garbage disposal

Gay but mad funny.. *pause*

5th: Marine Cha Cha Slide

That guy to the right was a lil' TOO into that shit... Marines are fucking psycho! I know for a fact. I've lived around them and I've dealt with them! REAL TALK!

6th: Car Case Suicide

"Next time county or state see me, it's gon' be in a bodybag!" - Tommy Bunz


If your name isn't Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Marvin Gaye, etc... Then for the love of God, DO NOT TRY TO GET JAZZY WITH OUR BELOVED NATIONAL ANTHEM...

Real talk, if I was in the crowd I know for a FACT my momma would've snatched my black ass up because I would've been up in that bitch laughing my fuckin' ass off!!!

Since I'm in the b-ball mood...

Here's an ILL Steve Francis high school/college mix...

hands down he was one of the dopest dunkers under 6'3"... of course my fave lil' man dunker (pause) will always be Kevin Johnson...



ahhh this compilation brought back some memories! I was literally laughing my ass off!

Shwayze will never happen again.. I'm back in the gym.


I can't wait for next week! NBA 08-09 SEASON STARTS!!

Maurice Evans shittin' on the Pistons!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lonnie why are you lagging behind?

Ooooooh THATS why....

Never a truer statement...

ahhhh shit! And so it starts...

See what I mean HERE

I expected some this like that to go down in my home state of Flawda but dang...

Jesus Take The Wheel...

Now, I am a MAJOR champion for equality and civil rights for the gay/lesbian community but this nigga right chea?!? After I finished laughing for a period of 5+ minutes I couldn't do nuttin but shake my head...

I remember going to FAMU homecomings and seeing an abundance of niggas scattered everywhere like this... ahhhh FAMU homecoming how I miss that big bag of H.A.M (hot azz mess).

Pedo-bear is on the attack again!

$5 Billion in solid gold..


THAT GUY in the background...

Click the pic's to enlarge em' if you can't see the obvious...

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