Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Grudgingly Post This

So, I played Shwayze in basketball 1-on-1 yesterday before his show at The NorVA. The Shit was ugly. I knew I was outta shape but in my head I'm thinking "This lil' skateboarding cali nigga can't see me!" Ohhhhhhh how wrong I was! The nigga whooped my ass 10-2!

That mawfucka was a goddamn blur!!! I couldn't play off him because he had a J and I couldn't play too close to him because he'd blow past me..

I was outmatched...

What made it worse was ShaVA saying "you got beat ya a nigga in skinny jeans with no drawers on..." *pause*

I sent E! a txt message and it went like this:

ME: The nigga Shwayze just beat me 1-on-1...I'm Officially on suicide watch now...
E: LMAO where at
ME: The NorVA bball court.. I got a vid too... I hate myself
E: Nigga didn't u see the show he's not terrible haha
ME: The nigga destroyed me in ping pong too..
E: Hahaha
ME: The nigga is a fucking Olympian
E: Lol U better arm wressle him to get ur swag back


superduperkya said...

lamo awww.
dont worry i still like you :].

Tommy said...

damn you got merked tell him I'll put my paycheck on a 1on 1 match next time their in town and why was there no sound and what was young snatchy snatch laughin at

micAh! said...

there was no sound because I ain't realize that when I bought the camera it didn't record sound too. That Best Buy employee gassed me up.. fuckin' bitch.

Young Snatch Snatch was just dick ridin' (pause)..

Courtney said...

Why is he lifing up his shirt? I was kind of skipping thru the vid cause I thought my sound was messed up...LOL!!! And LMAO at "Young Snatchy Snatch"

Tommy said...

Its just like 'young scratch and sniff' aka mr Im-the-only-slave-that-got-whipped-for-my-chain' to cosign and not do anything

micAh! said...

LMAO.. tommy you're a fuckin' fool..

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