Friday, October 24, 2008

This is what people e-mail me at work...

Here's a few vids that people e-mailed me throughout the week. I was going to keep doing individual posts but i'm too lazy for that so I uploaded them to youtube aka cracktube.

1st: baby lotion song.

These are the future leaders of America? If I was them I'd record that bitch and start selling it in the school parking lot because look at Soulja Boy.

P.S. When the fuck has it ever been acceptable to rock Under Armour off the field?!?

2nd: Let that man sleep!

These look like some FL niggaz... ahhhh high school...*reminiscing*

3rd: The Gospel Slide

Did these niggras really throw Obama's name in there as a substitute for a dance move?

4th: Fork in the garbage disposal

Gay but mad funny.. *pause*

5th: Marine Cha Cha Slide

That guy to the right was a lil' TOO into that shit... Marines are fucking psycho! I know for a fact. I've lived around them and I've dealt with them! REAL TALK!

6th: Car Case Suicide

"Next time county or state see me, it's gon' be in a bodybag!" - Tommy Bunz

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Courtney said... that last video was a downer...But now I'm a be at work singing the "Baby Lotion" song....and I lol at the Marines and the comment you made, my ex is leaving for basic in a like a week for the I wonder how long it will take for the "Gospel Slide" to hit my family get together...LOL!!!

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