Sunday, December 7, 2008

After the show its the after party and....

After we witnessed "Goldie" getting his ass whooped we all decided to go to Peabody's (shut it KIMBERLY). It was lame for the most part but it was free and it was something to do.


Nigga sweating them curls out...mark ass.

The lovely Keshelle and I...

what's wrong with my face?

We was all laughing at that poor soul trying to "back it up"

Special shot out to the homie Scottie P for keepin' a red bull in my hand all night!
Keshelle you brought this wack pic on yaself.. should cooperated!

Fuck you nigga, I like my scarf!

Where did that lady come from?

Bobby Hill

Ol' robotin' ass nigga...

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