Monday, December 15, 2008

"and it was all good just a week ago..."

Below is the face of a nigga who underestimated the monster that is known as micAh!

So remember the "Ongoing Saga" post from a few days ago? Well we FINALLY played and result proved disastrous for the young bol' Neef.

The score was 11-9...

Ahhhhh there's nothing like some free shoes!

You already know as soon as I finish dispatching the youngster I had to inform my consiglieri Tommy about the outcome via AIM.

SneakerGOD850 (2:21:07 PM): oh yeah VICTORRRRRYYYYY!!!! *cue Tiger Woods fist pump*
tommymitche11 (2:21:14 PM):
I saw
SneakerGOD850 (2:21:58 PM): aight.. I ain't gonna be there all night.. cowboys playing giants at 815... I got major gwop riding on it...
tommymitche11 (2:23:14 PM):
SneakerGOD850 (2:23:50 PM): gotta blog about my conqust now...
tommymitche11 (2:24:31 PM):
LOL how bad was it
SneakerGOD850 (2:26:01 PM): it was only 11-9.. My d was half assed (pause)... 9 of my pts came from the post! lol... I was straight Shaquille Rashuan O'nealing that nigga... I started feeling bad for him after awhile...
tommymitche11 (2:27:12 PM):
Lmao at shaqs whole name
SneakerGOD850 (2:27:42 PM): it was that bad.. I had to big up my ace Kazaam aka Steele

Then I had to inform E-vil too..

I think Johnny Drama sums out the outcome of the battle below...

You brought this pain on ya'self Young Neef! What made you actually think that you could fuck with this?!?! Yungn you're doo-doo! Face it, you will never be on my level. Just think if I was in shape I would've just straight murked you out the blocks!

Even though I totally emasculated you and pwnd yo mark ass, you'll always be my young'n...


Now that we got that outta the way the homie's E-vil and Tommy wanna know "who the fuck want what?!" wager? Kicks of course!


LEX$ said...

now do the same thing to Shwayze......

young neef said...

doodoo huh? this only the begining son!

micAh! said...

lex you can't see me on the court and neef you're right this is only the beginning.. the beginning of a lot more ass whoopings in store for you..

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