Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Battle for micAh!'s Affection

Since I've been down here in FL for the holidays my uncle has been calling me "Beastmaster". This has to do with the the fact that the dogs follow me EVERYWHERE in the house and I'm the only person who can calm them down whenever they get riled up most of the time.

While they both have a great appreciation and dare I say admiration for each other they love to "play" fight non-stop. Well in this particular instance play fight went up just a notch. It was nothing too serious but it definitely weireded Xmas out for a bit.

It all started because Delilah (mini pin) jumped up in my lap while we were opening and exchanging gifts. Raheem (rott) didn't take too kindly to that because he's such a big baby and requires my full attention 24/7. If I hug Mom, dap up a homie or give Delilah a causal pat as I'm walking by he comes along hating and nudging them outta the way so I can pet him exclusively.

"In this corner weighing in at a light 142lbs we have Raheem Mitchell, age 2 and some months!"

"And in this corner we have Delilah weighing in at a heavy 10lbs, age unknown"

It started on the floor because he saw her making her way over to me.

As soon as she hit my lap ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

Break Time

Okay they back at it again...

"aight chill! Don't touch me and I won't touch you..."

The truce is broken

Don't be alarmed folks. They were play fighting and didn't even put a scratch on each other.


K-Dub said...

They were play fighting?.. I bet thats the same thing Mike Vick said...

micAh! said...

yeah they was play fighting! if they was really fighting they wouldn't have been doing that shit in my fuckin' lap and I fa'damn sho' wouldn't have been snappin' photos! lol

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