Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Cream Chronicles by Brock F.

I hit up granby last night with the homie Brock. We were in Premier when he starts telling me about this time he was in Premier awhile ago and he was totally trashed. Apparently he was so wasted that he whipped out his dick in V.I.P and started pissing on the ground. Well while pissing his stream goes across the feet of a guy in front of him who just happened to be rocking FLIP-FLOPS! So he tells me that dude just said "WTF BRO'!?" Brock claims he didn't even remember this or what the guy looked like. But apparently after committing the most heinous of heinous crimes against another man, the guy didn't do jack shit but threatened to fuck Brock up later on! Brock was like he couldn't believe he didn't wake up the next morning fucked up. So a few weeks later Brock is going to a bar and passes by the guy he pissed on unbeknownst to him while going inside. Just being cool Brock says "whaddup" and tries to keep it moving. WEEKS LATER this dude wants to get froggy and tells Brock "Don't whats up me!". Brock was completely bewildered on why dude is acting aggy to him. Then it clicked to him "ohhhhh this is the guy I must've pissed on!"

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