Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Crew Vs. Gordon Biersch

E-vil, Tommy and I hit up Gordon Biersch to get some grub. I guess it was a kinda impromptu bday celebration for Tommy. Old ass nigga....

This cheesecake I got can go to hell.. UGH!

E bumped heads (SERIOUS PAUSE) with another nigga hoopin'.. As you can tell he lost...

This pizza was FIYAHHHH <--word to M.O.P

Yo, we was clowin' all night... amongst the things we discussed (seeing how we're such well-read niggaz) was:
  • Tattoos that people get that they try to justify with wack meanings
  • Thrift Shopping and finding diamonds amongst the rough
  • OG J's Vs. Retros & Countdown Packs
  • Rhett calling everyone "Bitch" at the beginning of his sentences
  • How lame Chris Brown is
  • Tommy and Eric ACTUALLY tried to stand up for those atrocious Shaq Sandals
I'm telling you these convos of ours are oscar worthy.. we need to really get our vid-blog on.

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