Sunday, December 7, 2008

Damn Goldie!

I can't front at the beginning of the match when they touched gloves and I saw how much bigger De La Hoya was (pause) I thought pac-man was in trouble. Damn how wrong I was!

I actually thought it was a pretty good fight. I really can't stand De La Hoya to begin with so seeing him get his face turned into ground beef made my night! But as much as I despise homie I can't front I was starting to feel bad for him! After that 7th round I kept saying "they gon' throw that towel in cuz dude is getting fucked up!"

"We knew we had him after the first round," Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach said. "He had no legs, he was hesitant and he was shot."

Roach trained De La Hoya in his last big fight a year ago and said then that De La Hoya simply couldn't throw punches when he needed to anymore. That was magnified even more against Pacquiao, who not only was as elusive as Floyd Mayweather Jr. but threw punches back that kept De La Hoya off pace.

"Freddie, you're right," De La Hoya told the trainer after the fight. "I just don't have it anymore."


All my Flip friends revel in the moment because it's ya'll time in the sun!

After the fight the classic line from "Players Club" that AJ Johnson dropped immediately came to me (pause).

"You looked like you got your ass whooped! Did you at least pinch the bitch?"

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