Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm not going to lie, until my boy e-mailed me a set of pictures of Nikita Esco I had NO idea who she was. Normally he sends me picture of girls that he claims are "thick" but in micAh!'s reality are just some fat chicks rockin' thongs. But this time I was pleasantly surprised. I asked him what made him send pic's of an actual cute girl and his reply was "bitch you gon' quit doubting my taste in women!"

Well negro when you insist on send me pic's of busted broads like this then I'll continue to regard your taste in women as TRASH.

Anyway I deceided to google the lovely Nikita Esco and hit her up for an impromptu interview. Indulge and enjoy bitches...

micAh! - Who would win in a fight between Beyonce and Rhianna? And why?
Nikita Esco - Beyonce for sure!! Rhianna's cute but she's a little twig.

m! - What's your favorite Xmas memory?
NE - My favorite xmas memory was the time I snowed in Washington on Christmas Eve I was about 6 years old. I spent all night until 4 am playing in the snow. I used to love that song "White Christmas" It just felt like a present from god.

m! - What kind of car do you drive?
NE - I drive a 98 Honda Accord Hybrid. "It's all about the environment and saving gas "

m! - Do u watch porn? If so do you have a fave porn star?
NE - I never really got into watching porn, but I do work @ AVN "The Porn Convention" in Vegas every year. (as a convention model only) I have had the pleasure of meeting Tera Patrick more then a few times. She said I look like I could be her little sister. Wow what a film that would be. So Yes she's my favorite by far.

m! - What's your fave TV show?
NE - I'm a fanatic for "Hero's, The Office, Ugly betty, House, Grey Anatomy, Any VH1 reality serious, Weeds, Pushing Daisy oh the list goes on I'd have to check my DVR.

m! - Have you ever met a celeb that you once admired but became turned off by his/her personality?
NE - I can't say I have. Fortunately all the celebs I've meet have been really cool and down to earth. My fav is Wilmer Valderrama ( FEZ) I went to a couple parties at this house and he always had an awesome "make yourself at home attitude"

m! - Do you own a pair of Nike Air Jordans? If so which ones?
NE - No love my Stilleto heels too much.

m! - When a guy wears a tongue ring do u consider it gay?
NE - Yes

m! - Do u ever get confused for a celeb?
NE - Nope. I've been told I look like a few celebs Kristin Kreuk, and a younger Tera Patrick

m! - When is it ok to fart in front of your significant other?
NE - After 3 months of dating. I don't think anyone should hold it any longer then that, It's just not healthy.

m! - What food item can you eat nonstop?
NE - Flaming Hot Puff Cheetos I'll eat the whole bag and be left with red covered finger tips for a few days after.

m! - Do u give homeless people money?
NE - Depends on the homeless person. I mean there's places like Labor Ready but most of them are just too lazy. But the ones that you can tell are truly hopeless I try to help out when I can.

m! - What was the last movie u saw?
NE - "Elf "I was trying to get into the Holiday Spirit saw it 4 times in the last week. " SANTA OMG I KNOW HIM !!!! "

m! - If u was on the verge of marriage and your significant other wanted you to sign a pre-nup would you?
NE - "No" it's just not romantic I'm only going to marry once because I believe it's forever. Too many people get married so loosely or give up too easily.

m! - What's a major turn on for you?
NE - A Candle light Italian Dinner, with a fine bottle of red wine, along with Spanish guitar music to slow dance to. That's would be the perfect atmosphere for me that will keep the night going and end with a full body massage.

m! - What would u be more likely to accept on your mate? Bad teeth or small penis?
NE - Bad teeth. You can always get veneers

m! - Do u drunk dial?
NE - No I drunk TXT which is so much worst. Not only does it leave a paper trail but it's all misspelled and makes me sounds like a stupid psycho idiot.

m! - What's your worse drunken experience?
NE - The time I had about 14 red bull and vodka's. It ended with me throwing up violently in my toilet all night. It was so violent that I actually gave my self a black eye from the incident. The seat cover cut me right above my left eye and left me with a nasty shiner for a week.

m! - What's the best concert u ever went to?
NE - Janet Jackson about 6 years ago. She's just so amazing.

m! - What's a weird or odd thing about you?
NE - I'm double jointed

m! - Is Madonna and Alex rodriguez not the weirdest couple?
NE - Naw I've seen weirder Plus she's Madonna the Ultimate Cougar who wouldn't want to be with her ??

m! - Lastly feel free to give any shout outs and shameless self promotion.
NE - Yes please show some support and check out my newly launched website !!! There you can contact me, see updated photos, and new videos of me.


Mr. Jolla said...

lol good shit....some of those questions were hilarious as fuck. and SMH @ her giving herself a black eye...14 Red Bulls and Vodkas?? DAMN

Nellz said...

wow...nice interview...she is pretty...i mean id beat..more than once..hehe


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