Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Iphone Users REJOICE

Tommy I know you'll b downloading this as you read...

This is fuckin' GENIUS! This is why the wackberry stays losing! Read about it below..wankstas....
All iPhone users get free AT&T Wi-Fi, hurray. But the text-message-based access system makes it a pain in the ass to log onto. Enter Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T, an app that makes it, well, easy. When you fire up the app for the first time, you just enter your number. After that, when you hit an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot, like at Harbucks, you just mash a giant button to log in, no hassle required. Ars says Devicescape is planning more automated connection apps for other operators, AT&T is just the first, thanks to the "approval store nightmare." It's free until Friday, then it jumps to $1.99.

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