Saturday, December 13, 2008

The ongoing Saga....

So I was supposed to play the aggin' below in 1-on-1 a longggg time ago for money, but he punked out...

So time passes and we're still continuing to talk shit to each other at work. So finally I put this buster on blast in front of a few co-workers which of course gets him amped. So he gets wreckless at the mouth and starts diggin' himself into a grave that he won't be able to get out of. Homie starts talking that cali shit "it's nothing! I'll play you for whatever! yadda-yadda-this-yadda-yadda-that..." I say "I'll play you for some shoes" which he agree's to because he wants the laser AJ1's I got (that I've never worn). In return I agree to relieve him of his fire red 5's because he's been trying to dump them for awhile.

That was 4 weeks ago. Here is the build-up to what I thought was supposed to be game day..

(I'm the green)

So after he tells me that the ACC gym is close I suggested a alt. gym which he shot down because it's "crowded". He postponed til' 2mrw.. we'll c...

Tommy has been in the loop on whats been transpiring since July. I honestly think the nigga is more amped for me to relieve young neef of his jordans more than I

our AIM convo
tommymitche11 (11:23:32 AM):
Did you get his shoes
tommymitche11 signed off at 11:36:23 AM.
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SneakerGOD850 (11:36:25 AM): the nigga ain't responding to my txts so we can play
tommymitche11 (11:56:49 AM):
tommymitche11 (11:58:01 AM):
I'd put an APB for that N
tommymitche11 signed off at 12:06:51 PM.
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SneakerGOD850 (12:25:26 PM): he finally called me back.. so on the way to go play he calls me talking about the ACC gym is closed. So i'm like lets go to the other gym and this wanksta says its packed. I just left from there lets play 2mrw.. sound like a nigga ducking and dodging the kid...


oNe mAn gAng said...

LOL...sounds like he's got his gym up...might not be the track, but he's sure runnin' like Hell...lls.

AlphaOmega said...

Lol, wanksta is being way over used in those convo threads. Poor guy reads your blog obviously so lets see how he responds to the team up. Lol, we've all dealt with people like this when it comes to sneaker exchanges. Next time ebay all the way. Or a sneaker boutique were you actually can touch your kicks lol. Good luck with the haggler.


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