Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Really Hibachi?

So apparently there were rumblings of Agent Zero getting a tattooed tribute to Obama. Well the pic of said tattoo has surfaced.

Aight this Obama shit is reaching astronomical proportions. God forbid but what if this dude turns out to be more fucked up than bush?! A lot of folks are going to have cake on their faces!
  • He gets pts for creativity
  • Why do niggaz always have that buildup of ash in between the index and thumb? he's obviously not an exception to that either
  • Aggin' cut your fuckin' nails! You can tell he's not playing at the moment cuz the shits look mad sharp! side note: you ever be hooping with a mawfucka that got long nails and everytime he shoot the rock you can hear it snapping off his nails? I always make it my goal aside from winning to avoid that dude at all cost. I ain't trying to be scratched the fuck up and stinging in the shower..


Nellz said...

wow omggg LMFAO! yo every damn sentence in this blog is funny as shit! did you say the ash build up???? wtf!!! hahaha

buttt I do feel you what if he is worst...thats why im staying my ass in the middle and not saying how good everything is or will be cause as of now nothing is aware its in the process but I dont wanna give my all into him..its like a relationship...we just got fucked over by bush lets give it sometime!!! (KAT wIlliams)

Sneakrhed said...

How are you gonna be so sure of Obama, this dude hasnt done shit for this country yet.

Sairy said...

ima pray for u!!!

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