Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sean Avery: micAh's 2nd fave dressed athlete!

Sean Avery is a Hockey Player for the Dallas Mavericks who recently came under fire for some disparaging comments he made about current NHL players dating his "sloppy seconds". Many people around the world think that he is a douche bag, rude, an asshole, an arrogant bastard, etc... But one thing he is for sure is a fashionable maw'fucka!

Homie takes his love for fashion to a level that many professional athletes refuse to. Not only does he appreciate the finer aspect of haute couture but he recently wrote Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour to ask for an internship at Vogue Magazine during his offseason. Well his letter to her worked! As a matter of fact he was so good at it that he was the guest editor for Mens Vogue for a week!

Avery apparently is a more than just a jock he's also a frightenly good writer also. Read his personal account on his time at Vogue. It's a pretty good read.

There's also been rumblings about a movie (romantic/comedy) being made about his stint at Vogue! Now that's doing it big!!!

Another thing I like about this cat is he's also into streetwear. If he's not in Tom Ford, Prada or a Bespoke suit he's in UNDFTD with a pair of J's.



Mr Avery is a bad ass white boy!

- J

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its called the Dallas STARS, not the mavericks, Mavricks are a NBA team

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Wear socks!!!!looks better and more stylish

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