Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Snuggie

As you know I'm currently in the F-L where the thugs dwell, the sunshine state with the high crime rate, etc... but that neither here nor there. Anywho I'm sitting here watching TV with my uncle and the commercial for The Snuggie comes on:

Immediately after watching this fuckin HILARIOUS commercial the banter between Uncle Rico and I started...

Me: WTF was that shit?
Rico: wow
Me: They look like bunch of fuckin' friars..
Rico: They look like a cult
Me: I know..Heavens Gate redux
Me: I wish you and mom would show up to my game rockin' those shits while cheering in the stands! Ya'll would be dead to me.
Rico: trust me we wouldn't
Me: What college student would be posted up in that shit? They askin' for an asswhoopin'!
Me: I took a piss test and the lady at the desk gave me that same exact reading light.
Rico: wait, what does a reading light have to do with a piss test?
Me: I dunno. After I got done pissing and I went to show her my id card she asked me if I wanted a gift. That shit is still in the trunk of my car...

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K-Dub said...

WOW @ at the random "thanks for the piss" gift! LOL

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