Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

So much to say, So little words...

I've been laughing at this shit at work for about a week now. This will NEVER get old to me...


1. Why is homies belt so long?
2. How come the folks in the background ain't paying him no mind? They like "There Juan go again! Don't pay him no mind baby."
3. Why is the nigga in the wifebeater trying to steal homies shine?
4. WTF is on the back of his damn pants?
5. Who told him it was cool to incorporate the Yung Joc motorcycle dance in this routine?
6. Is he under the influence of ANYTHING?!?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

You know your team sucks when...

...the PG (Jarrett Jack) from the opposing team bends over to tie his shoes while holding the rock.
Talk about straight up disrespect on a enormous magnitude!

Life isn't fair...

So I recently found out that Panera Bread no longer makes the chocolate chip & walnut cookies I grew to love before I went to the desert... THIS SUCKS!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I was trying to think of my 1st kiss and for the life of me I can't remember it. Either my memory is indeed that shitty or it really wasn't nothing too spectacular to be stored in my memory banks. Do any of ya'll remember ya 1st kiss?

Xmas time ughh...

I am the biggest fucking grinch. I hate xmas time with a passion! I'm the worse at buying gifts, I hate xmas music (makes my ears throw up), xmas decorations and xmas tv commercials (why are they still showing that same damn Fruity Pebbles commercial from when I was young'n?!).

"You's a sucka-fo'-love-ass-trick..." - Tupac Shakur

When I was committed/faithful husband I used to do any task that was asked, i.e. carrying shopping bags, running errands, painting toenails...

Wow, I'll tell you I think love can easily be compared to being legally insane because now that I'm emotionally dead I would NEVER do that shit again. I often look back in retrospect and just shake my fucking head at myself..


Back when I was living in Florida I used to have this roommate who was the biggest cockblock on earth! Anytime I would have a bitch over he would wanna come around and start conversing like it was nothing. One time I was smashing this bitch and this nigga come knock on the door to discuss possibly contacting the electric company to find out why there was a 47 cent increase in the electric bill.

*blank stare*

Nigga do you not hear me in here giving this bitch the ol' one-two?!?

Needless to say next month I broke the lease and bounced....

I really wanna know how this shot came out!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Need This In My Life...

Normally Acapulco Gold is wack but this hat is fire....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"they say we N-I double G e-r, we are..." - NaS

I'm pretty sure they sell Coogi here...

"Lets get it on in public..." - Kelis (gold diggin) Rogers

Lately I've been more interested in engaging in more sexual acts in various public places. The most public place I ever knocked someone down was on a concrete bench in a garden on the grounds of a church (lord forgive me).

Places I wanna get it on at:

- movies
- airplane
- amusement park ride
- a famous monument i.e. Eiffel Tower
- subway

"FIYAHHH!!! YI-YI-YI-YI!!!" - Busta Rhymes

I cant front if a fire broke out I'd grab my hard drive that contains "special" things with the quickness.

side note: I'd grab the kix 1st though...

How to eat a chicken wing

This is simply amazing because a black dude isn't the one teaching this tutorial...
*pause* @ "...if there is a lil' meat left on it, you can suck it off the bone" E-vil probably got excited at that part.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"...I wish I could find me a spaceship and flyyyyy!" - kanYeWest

Normally I don't fuck with Undrcrwn (excluding that Mos Def collab) because their shit is generally wack but this Space Jam inspired shit is actually pretty dope....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Personal Hero

"...I'm feeling like I'm back" - Fabolous

I got the gamer bug again! I beat it in 2.5 days...

next up?

The New GTA and Assassins Creed 2

"A King Without A Crown"

I went to the Matisyahu concert at The NorVa on tuesday. This was my make up concert since I missed seeing him last year. I can honestly say that it was a GREAT no DOPE ASS show. He performed a set that lasted a little bit over 2.5hrs, so I definitely got my money's worth.

The opening act Trevor Hall. He killed that shit! I can't front if I carried cash I would've copped his CD after the show.

Everyone has a history...smh

...the General himself modeling Cross Colours in blackface w/ fake dreads.


shout out to the brightest nigga in existence for bringing this to my attention.

Last weekends DC trip...

Last weekend we went to DC for Dunkxchange (which was wack) so we hit up Stussy (Rakim meet & greet) and Georgetown to do a lil' shopping...

On the way there..

chicken & mambo sauce = FTW!!!

Pretty much the highlight of the trip

Welcome Home... up, The BLACK Jesus Piece.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

R.I.P Peter Cottontail

If you're saying "WTF is that?" then let me give you some background on what you're looking at.

A few days ago my Mom called me saying she think some animal wass caught in the pool filter. So, I asked her what it was and she ran down the usual suspects of rodents: rat, possum, etc.... Well after a few hrs of fretting about how to remove it she called a family fried to remove it and low & behold it was a big ass Rabbit!

How'd it get in there you ask? Well here's my Ma's theory:

"I think the rabbit was messing around in the backyard and Raheem (our rottweiler) went outside and chased him around. I guess the rabbit was so scared it accidentally fell in the pool, couldn't get out and drowned.."

So there you have it..

Fuck Yo Hat!

Smh.. I'm such an asshole!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Video: Clipse - "Doorman"

ummm.... so much to say but I'll remain silent.

aight well I will say this: Nice Song.

That is all...


My uncle is a college professor at the University of Dubuque (it's in Iowa, I never heard of the shit either) and I often wonder if he ever encountered shenanigans such as this. If so, man he needs to start sharing those stories with me because this is fucking hilarious to me...

My uncle's profile:

side note: he's the beige nigga cheesing in the John Shaft jacket...smh

Live from Tha Lab w/ Scottie P

The homie Scottie P just posted a vid of him crafting a beat. Check it out....

It figures...

I'd like to send a big *middle finger* to Mother Nature for RUINING my NYC trip! Nothing like a Nor'easter to swarm through the area and flooding the shit outta Hampton Roads!

Standing Ovation...

Wednesday, I went to see The Color Purple play/musical at The Scope in Norfolk and it was pretty good. No, it was damn good (why lie). Even though this was the sans Fannie Mae bka Fantasia version I thought it was excellent.

side note: I can't front I cried...streets forgive me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is it really a surprise?

Ol' Torrence done got caught violating the terms of his release so the parish doubled his sentence. Homie will be "sitting down" for 4yrs now...

When I saw this vid originally all I could do was shake my head...

after watching this vid are you REALLY surprised he's in prison?

New York part Deux....

Me and the homie Eviil aka "the brightest nigga on earth" will be hitting up NYC this weekend for the Goodie Mob reunion concert feat. Scarface and MC Ricky D bka Slick Rick. Even though the weather is going to be shit we should still have a ILL TIME!!!

List of things to do:

- Charge my flipcam

- buy a memory card for my point-n-shoot

-buy a battery and film for my Lomo fisheye

-figure out what I'm going to pack

-make a travelling playlist on iTunes


what's up? Here's the list of shoes I'm selling... If you need pix, then request them and I'll shoot em' to ya. Hell I'll even youtube a video if you want. It's no biggie...

All prices are negotiable.

Shipping will be $17 and shoes will be double boxed.

If you're in the 757 area then I'm down to do a meet up...

12.5 Nike Zoom Lebron iv "NYC Birthday"
12 Nike dunk high pro sb "midnight fog"
11.5 vans sk8 hi "(w) taps"
12 Nike air trainer sb "huf gold diggers"
12 Nike air Jordan 1 retro hi premier laser
12 Nike dunk low sb "raygun"
12 Nike dunk high pro sb "iron"
12 Nike blazer premium sb "china bmx"
13 air max 1 supreme qk "safari"
12 Nike blazer sb "Todd Jordan"
12 Nike dunk high supreme "Olympic"
12 Nike terminator high premium "stussy x boneyard"
13 Nike dunk high pro sb "t-19"
12 Nike dunk 1 premium hi premier "gucci"
12 Nike Blazer SB "Lance Mountain"
12 Nike Dunk Premium SB "Lobsters"
13 Nike P-Rod II Hi
12 Nike Blazer SB "Independent Trucks"
12 Nike Dunk Low SB "St. Pattys"
12 Nike Dunk Premium SB "Shoe Goo"
12 Nike Air Max 90 Quickstrike "King of the Mountain"
12 Nike P-Rod II "Hat Rod"
13 Nike Air Stab Quickstrick "Runnin' n Gunnin"
12 Nike P-Rod II Hi "Bo Rod"
12.5 Nike Air Trainer One
12 Nike Blazer SB "Chlorines"
12 Nike Dunk Low SB "Gibson Guitar"
12 Nike Dunk Low SB "New Castles"
12 Nike P-Rod II "Fuji Rod"

12 Nike Air Trainer 2 SB

12 Nike Dunk Hi SB "Farris Buellers"
12 Nike Dunk Hi Sb "Dr. Feelgoods"
12 Nike Dunk Premium Low SB "Skate or Die"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Personality Goes a Longggggg Way!

Glad to see to Terrence and Gene (more so Gene) open up to the public bit by bit... The end had me fucking rollin'....

Kids Bracelet for Sale!

(click image to enlarge)

Welcome Home... (the world series edition)

Welcome Home...

Thx Charmaine Catherine Peterson for FINALLY sending me my damn hat!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



last nite was pretttyy crazy!

check this post later for the summary of craziness...smh

Jesus take the wheel...

My lil' sister posted this flick on FB... Normally her neck would be in my hands for such a blasphemous act but I can't lie this had me rolling. I'm still trying to figure out why I'm throwing up "westside"?!

side note: I know Tommy will be saving this pic for one of his typical "going in on you" post *pause* and it's all gravy cuz this shit is funny as hell.

Oh yeah, we there...

Thanks for the heads up Tommy! *pause* This will be perfect cuz me and the homie High Beam#1 will be coming back from NYC that day from seeing a show that will be "NUCKING FUTS!" - (c) Dicky Roberts

New Video: Clipse feat. Officer Rawse - "I'm Good RMX"

I had the chance to be at this video shoot too but I was in Las Vegas... But I ain't trippin cuz Vegas was good times!


*kanYe shrug*


Stop duckin' your impending "L" on the court....




Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear In-n-Out Burger,

...micAh misses you. :-(

ummmm Okay...

If you're a follower of this blog then you know that I am a staunch supporter of gay rights and I have a secret love for ghetto ass weddings as they put smiles on my chevy chase. Ok now thats outta the way let address this shit....

WTF kinda weird ass couple is this?!? I guess love is indeed BLIND! I don't even wanna know how this lil' butch ass broad be breaking homegirl off in the bedroom! The thought of lil' butch being naked make me impotent!

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