Saturday, January 31, 2009

last night...

Last night the cmon crew and the cream team hit that Clipse bowling party that I mentioned earlier in the week. Of course the hood was activated and it was good & grimey up in that bitch. But I still held out hope that WE would be able to congregate and not act a donkey in that bitch!

The first 1 1/2hr went off without a hitch. Ya fave blogger was straight Kingpin'n them niggaz on the lanes! If you don't know, then you better get FAMILIAR! Cuz the kid is NICE on the lanes! So we was on our second game and I was bowling a fairly decent game (for me at least). I was sitting at a 114 in the 7th frame and that's when it started. NIGGAZ STARTED BRAWLING! As soon as that shit died, E-vil always with the one-liner ready said "Allen Iverson?" LMAO!!

Murphy's Law should be used during large gatherings of niggaz. Not black folks but niggaz! As a matter of fact when Murphy's Law is used in a nigga situation it should be called Nigga'z Law.

Nigga'z Law - Anything involving a large congregation of black people with the possiblity to go wrong, WILL GO WRONG.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

You might wanna re-think what you're about to do...


That's what I thought automatically when I saw this pic! You gotta be a grimey, trifling, down-for-whatever, nasty ass bitch to put your tongue on ANYTHING in a skrip club (not a typo)! ESPECIALLY THE FUCKIN' POLE!

Maybe at a white strip club, oh pardon men Gentlemens Club, would that shit be even remotely safe. Because they do more acrobatics and graceful movements on the pole (yo!). But I dare her to stick her tongue on that pole after Extasty or Delicious from Magic City got done using it. I bet she'll end up looking like THIS.

Because a black chick will put that pole between the crack of her ass and rub her monkey on that bitch too! I remember one time I went to this strip club (against my will cuz I think paying to get teased is so lame) this chick was going to WORK on the pole! She was grinding her cooch on that poor pole so hard that when she got done and walked away you could see twat residue on it!

*gas face*

Tommy whats up with your squad?

Still can't decide who's gonna man the wheel of that sinking vessel called Da Gaiders oops I mean Faiders..Damnit! Raiders! yeah thats it..

Random Thought by micAh!

Ain't Po supposed to be touchin' down this year? He got hit with 1oyrs so it should be about that time right?

side note: when he does touch down I think he's gonna be a FUCKIN' PROBLEM!! Puff is gonna be shook.

oh yeah Po's best track ever:

More or Less

prod. kanYeWest (back when they thought pink polo's would hurt The Roc)

Breaking the sound barrier

Seeing this happen in person is so dope! It sounds like a huge bomb going off!

Tomorrow is gonna be busy for the kid...

I told my homegirl I'd swing by her B-day celebration after the party below.

But who knows...

also I gotta get a smallpox shot (which is gonna suck major ass!) and a haircut...

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

This game was the beginning of the infamous "micAh! temper tantrum's"

When Mike Tyson's Punch-out! first came on the scene I would play this shit for hours on end! I would always do aight until I got to King Hippo.

But after learning that I had to punch that bitch in the "X" on his stomach I finally made my way past the next batch of fighters to meet the one they call MIKE TYSON.

I swear to god NO VIDEO GAME IN HISTORY (well maybe Bo Jackson on Techmo Bowl) had a player that was so lopsidedly UNFUCKWITABLE!! I mean how in the hell can this nigga constantly end the game with one blow to the head (whoa na!) EVERY GATDAMN TIME!??! You couldn't block the shit because he'd knock you silly through ya own damn block and it was damn near impossible to dodge his punches because them shit was un-humanly fast!

When Tyson would beat me that would start up the infamous "micAh! temper tantrum's" which is basically:
  • crying
  • screaming at the TV
  • throwing the controller
  • punching whatever was near me
  • screaming out loud how it was a conspiracy specifically created against me

My step-brother could ALWAYS beat him and I hated his guts everytime he did it!

Now that I'm older here are a few things I've noticed about this game now:

Little Mac had a damn moose knuckle

The depiction of "Doc" the trainer was a bit sambo

and who in the hell would be jogging through NYC in a pink sweatsuit?

I Need This In My Life

How dope is this shit? I already contacted the creator of this functioning piece of art to see if he's producing these and how much they'd cost!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today's events...

I've been doing a lot of Pre-Deployment taskings and it is a tedious string of events!

I had to get the following shots:
  • Typhoid (it felted like cold gravy being injected into my arm!)
  • Anthrax (it felt like they shot hot sauce DIRECTLY into the muscle! shit burned!!)
  • Hepatitis B
  • along with get blood drawn for a HIV test
I walked outta hospital with band-aids going up both arms. MY ARMS ARE KILLING ME!!!

Then I had to schedule a PHA (physical health assessment or medical check up), a dental appointment and a hearing test. Also I have to make my mom the executor of my Will and my power of attorney tomorrow.

And I'm not nearly completed with all the tasks I gotta accomplish..

This shit is starting to get annoying...


Marry Me!

Forgive me Peterson!!!

I'll send your shit FRIDAY! I PROMISE!! I been busy!!!!

Wealthy men give women more orgasms

Like that's a fuckin' surprise. Of course a girl would be more apt to bust if she feels like the dude that's diving in between her thighs isn't some broke ass bum that won't be able to step up to the table if she gets knocked up!

read more about it HERE

and so it begins...

E-vil aka Fidel had the audacity to challenge the kid micAh! aka Kazaam aka "You Can't Stop The Reign" in a game of 1-on-1. I decided to humor this tragic young man and accept his challenge. I'll give his props for hitting 2 shots on me, BUT THIS MARK ASS BUSTER FOULED ME WHEN I BEAT HIM OFF THE DRIBBLE AND TOOK HIM TO THE RACK! But did he admit it? NOPE! Typical nigga...smh

then the drama ensues...

I will pwn u before I leave this country negro! MARK MY WORDS!

I'm addicted!!!

Natalya from C'mon put me on to this game. I play it allllll the damn time!! If you don't have this app and you're an iPhone user (a real iPhone user not like Forehead Hodges) then you're LOSING!

Oh you know Ye' ain't forget the ladies!

The bear head lacelock is a ILL detail!

These are crack! Ladies step your footwear game the fuck up! On the real if those purple joints came in mens sizes I would be steppin' hard in em'!


This was created using NAILS! Yeah you read right NAILS! It's amazing that various mediums of art can be created from the simplest house hold items!

See the process HERE

62 is the new 30?!?

That HGH is a muthafucka! When I get out the military I'ma be shooting that shit up NON STOP!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Next Question...

SO I've been thinking what am I going to do or buy when I get back?

My options are a vacation, a new whip, or shopping.

my vacay choices:
my whip choices:
  • Infiniti FX35
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Nissan 370z
  • Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab (fuck you I AM from the south)
  • or I might just pay off my current whip and chill..

Monday, January 26, 2009

The worse skate related nut-rack I've ever seen!

Someone e-mailed this to me and it was too good to not share!

shit made my own nut wince in agony just watching that shit!

Bon Yoyage monsieur micAh!

Whaddup ya'll?

I just recently found out that I gotta go on a 6 month deployment to the middle east. Now before you jump to conclusions I'M NOT GOING TO IRAQ OR AFGHANISTAN (thank god). I'll be posted up in Qatar. Where is that? I'm not LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow fame so read about it HERE.

All in all it's not a bad place to post up for 6 months and stack up paper. Things could be A LOT WORSE! So I'm not complaining at all. I plan on utilizing my time by playing a lot of spades, writing more poetry/rhymes, drawing and working out like a BEAST. Most importantly I plan on doing a shit load of READING! So if you have any book suggestions PLEASE let me know.

A few of the homies asked me: "micAh! what are you going to miss most while you're away?"

*drumroll please*

Things micAh! will miss while he's gone:
  • Mommy
  • the rest of my fam
  • Driving
  • My iPhone
  • shopping
  • All of my DVR'd shows
  • Concerts
  • my crew

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fight the law with KNOWLEDGE...

Next time you getting your peaceful protesting on and you catch the cops doing some Sean Bell/Oscar Grant ish, DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOUR CAMERA!!!

They can't take your shit unless you're using said camera in the commission of a crime.

read more about it HERE


I just noticed someone just arrive on my blog from RIMROCK, AK...


I'm so immature at times...

back to the scheduled programming..

uh-oh... Someone else drank the "kool-aid"

Ol' mark azz twitta...

Follow him

Brock I hate you...

See why I hate Brock when you click HERE

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Louis Vuitton Don's..

Ye' released official glimpses of these masterpieces yesterday at the LV Runway show yesterday. I need the RED PAIR and the WHITE PAIR!!!

No release dates yet.

Too Dope!!!

Metsa wooden 3-finger ring...

more info HERE

I would love to cop but E got the three finger ring on lock at the moment..


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why am I not surprised?

I just read an article on Yahoo!'s front page saying that the South Korean creator of that ATROCIOUS hat that Aretha Franklin wore at the inauguration has been bombarded with a massive amount of inquiries about purchasing that exquisite 1-of-1 masterpiece...

Black folks smh...

When I 1st read that article I immediately had a vision of Big Momma and nem' having a convo along the lines of "Girl that hat the Queen got on is sharp girl! I wonder if I can find me one like that for Easter service?"

Live video Chatting with JUST BLAZE!

Click here to PARTICIPATE

side note: Just Blaze we forgive you for rockin' those fake ass VIII's..smh

Obama Action Figures! "Coming to a hood near YOU!"

"Obama-San" whaaaa-tahhh!!!

See more HERE

The double alley-oop...

Ike Nwamu and Deuce Bello of Westchester Country Day School pulling off a designed double alley-oop in a recent high school game.

Beyond Creepy

A 50-ish year old woman approached Terminal 2 last Thursday night with a
baby in her front pack. The doll she was wearing in her front pack,
looked so realistic that when she began to remove the doll from the
front pack, and attempted to place it into a bin, the TSO's emphatically
were trying to advise her not to place the baby into the x-ray. The
female passenger then stated that she had to, as it was a doll.

After x-ray and follow up questions by the STSO on duty, the female
passenger openly engaged in conversation to discuss her doll. The doll
is a "Reborn Baby Doll" -see:

These dolls begin at $500.00 up to $5,000.00. This passenger has forty
of these hand made dolls. She wears one in a front pack to stores, while
at home after work and brings one with her when she travels. All the
while she touches and talks to the doll like it is a real baby.

This shit is so fucking creepy! Why in the hell would a person want to carry a lifeless doll around and front like it's real? I guess some women aren't able to have kids or adopt for whatever reasons and just can't kill that motherly instinct.

"Thanks for what you do!" - Random White Guy

Today at lunch a gentleman shook my hand as I was standing in line and told me he appreciated my service to the country and then PAID FOR MY MEAL. Now this isn't the 1st time that it's happened but I just wanted to bring this particular instance to light. Sometimes it's good to get a handshake and a lil' bit of gratitude for the sacrifices that the men & women of the armed forces make daily.

*steppin' off my soapbox*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Thought by micAh!


By: ME

This bitches feet are THROWED!!!


I am not a huge fan of feet by far but I'm not a complete Podophobia like a few people I know. Now that being said ladies DO NOT FUCKING ASK ME TO SUCK YOUR TOES. Apparently a lot of girls seem to "get off" on having that done. Now I'm all about pleasing a woman to the fullest extent but if you ask me to do that I'm gonna hit you with a serious GASFACE.

I will however rub your feet but the following conditions must be met:

  • a pedicure is a must
  • No corns!
  • No bunyons
  • No scars from you trying to wear those shoes that were REALLY CUTE but were a lil' TOO SMALL
  • toenail polish can't be all fucked up
  • they damn sure can't stink
  • you can't have stubby Vienna sausage fat toes
  • No hair on your toe knuckles

When I'm in public I ALWAYS look at folks feet. You can tell a lot about folks by the upkeep of their feet. You remember that scene from Boomerang when Eddie Murphy got done knocking down Lela Rochon and pulled back the covers and saw her jacked up feet poking out from underneath the covers? I've had instances like that and have wanted to immediately throw up...

I hrt J's party...

Resident homie Ehrlmatic aka DJ Jungle Book will be holdin' down the wheels of steel!

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