Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beyond Creepy

A 50-ish year old woman approached Terminal 2 last Thursday night with a
baby in her front pack. The doll she was wearing in her front pack,
looked so realistic that when she began to remove the doll from the
front pack, and attempted to place it into a bin, the TSO's emphatically
were trying to advise her not to place the baby into the x-ray. The
female passenger then stated that she had to, as it was a doll.

After x-ray and follow up questions by the STSO on duty, the female
passenger openly engaged in conversation to discuss her doll. The doll
is a "Reborn Baby Doll" -see:

These dolls begin at $500.00 up to $5,000.00. This passenger has forty
of these hand made dolls. She wears one in a front pack to stores, while
at home after work and brings one with her when she travels. All the
while she touches and talks to the doll like it is a real baby.

This shit is so fucking creepy! Why in the hell would a person want to carry a lifeless doll around and front like it's real? I guess some women aren't able to have kids or adopt for whatever reasons and just can't kill that motherly instinct.


LEX$ said...

fuck that....she has FORTY of them!! fam, you know how much money that is?

micAh! said...

only YOU could look past the creepy factor to see the dollar

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