Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crack Love

Crack love knows NO boundaries!

Think about it! Crack love is the fuckin' ultimate love.
  • You both share something your passionate about (crack addiction)
  • You both valve teamwork (i.e. scheming to get ya hands on rocks)
  • You both know how to overcome adversity to reach a common goal (i.e. living on the streets)
  • You both aren't afraid to use physical violence to make a point (i.e. fighting over rocks)
Here's a few famous crackhead couples
  1. Pookie and his girl (can't remember her name. anyone know it?) - New Jack City
  2. Gator & Vivian - Jungle Fever
  3. Bobby & Whitney
  4. *DMX & his wife Tashara (courtesy of Lex)
  5. *Amy Winehouse & Blake (courtesy of Lex)

1 comment:

LEX$ said...

you forgot Amy "Crackhouse" and her man, and DMX and his wife. oh, almost forgot. The people off of The Corner. that was the ultimate, Francine went from one heroin head to another crackhead.

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