Monday, January 5, 2009

Get it right, Get it tight...

In lieu of the the declarations that my homies Eazy and Lex made, I will join my comrades in an act of solidarity and improve my eating habits along side them. I mean I already had plans on getting back in the gym but seeing them take stances to improve their lifestyles helped put a battery in my back (pause).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going hardcore like Brother Alexander bka Bear-that-Runs-like-Wind (his veggievore name)! Fuck what he talkin' about the chicken has been FAR too good for me and my folks! Normally when I diet I limit myself to lean red meat once a week strickly for protein gaining purposes. I'm gonna go along the plans of E-vil and cut the red meat out! Only pollo y pez for the kid for AT LEAST 4 months.

I went to the grocery store today and stocked up on foods that don't make me happy.

Brown Rice
Chicken Breast
Orange Juice
Cottage Cheese
Salmon Filet
Salmon Steaks
Red Bull
Kashi Go Lean Cereal

Because I REFUSE to EVER look like this again!
(me at 246lbs!)


Left Coast X Best Coast said...

dogg for real for real thats how u looked when i was out there 3 weeks ago. y u bullshittin when i came to the shop that one day u had a book bag full of skittles, chips, dip, and donuts. step ya game up, or shall i say step ya game down lol

micAh! said...

nigga don't try me like that! I was NOT lookin' like that!

LEX$ said...

"bear that runs like wind". lmao. but fam, i'm only doin the strict no meat part for a month, fam. THEN i'm slowly gonna bring back the chicken and fish back into play. come on, like you said, chicken has been TOO good for the kid. lol.

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