Monday, January 19, 2009


Just 1 Day shy of this historic presidential inauguration. I would have loved for him to see the fruits of his labor...

...then again he'd probably shake his head at the disgusting way we love to destroy and cast aside all the hard work the civil rights movement did for us.

Click HERE to read about how this great day came to fruition.

Here are a few interesting notes about MLK DAY.
  • Opponents of the creation of MLK Day were: Sen. Jessie Helms, RONALD REAGAN (he's a fuckin' douche anyways), *gasp* JOHN McCAIN!
  • Utah refused to recognize it as MLK Day and called it "Human Rights Day" until 2000.
  • Virginia (these racist bastards) called it "Lee-Jackson-King Day" to celebrate the confederate generals and Dr. King. They later changed that in 2000.
  • This day is celebrated in Hiroshima, JP in observance of Dr. King's message of peace and human rights.
  • Stevie Wonder wrote the song "Happy Birthday" to aid in the campaign to have MLK Day created.

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