Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Need This In My Life

If you know micAh! then you know he loves his la hamburguesas! I love hamburgers so fuckin' much. If I could eat them shits everyday without worrying about health risks then I would. I wish I had my own personal chef to make me restuarant style hamburgers on call so after I get done fuckin' I can drink a nice glass of red kool-aid and eat a hamburger and then go to sleep!

Sorry for the hamburger inspired rant back to what I really ment to talk about. This is a hamburger themed bed that I love! If I get rich this is going in my game room!


K-Dub said...

Damn.. That last girl looks like she wants it. Imagine fuckin on a hamburger tho.. kinda weird

micAh! said...

I would knock a girl down in a minute on the hamburger bed!

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