Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The micAh! Chronicles

TITLE: The Grimiest Sexual Act I've EVER done

This shit took place about 7yrs ago, so forgive my triflingness because I was YOUNG. Ok so anyways I was getting it on with this chica and it was going down according to plan. I was already a little apprehensive about going over there because she told me that she had just split up with her hubby. So it was kinda weird knockin' her down seeing a portrait of her, her see and her hubby hanging over the bed! As a matter of fact I was like "yo, turn around this way for a minute my knee keeps bumpin' into this bed post..." just so I wouldn't have to look at that fuckin' picture.

Anywho while I'm tappin' it from the back and she says "when you're about to cum I want to nut on me!" Ok, no objections here! So I'm beating it up and just as I feel myself about to nut I rip that jimmy off and glaze this bitch. Real talk I ended up Peter North'n this chica! I didn't expect to produce such a high volume of nut (on the low I was proud of myself). Yo the shit was EVERYWHERE including on me and I'm thinking to myself "I gotta boosie myself (wipe me down) and murk up out this spot..." Even though it was mad dark in there I could make out a cloth like object in my peripheral so grabbed it and wiped all that nut off me. She gets up outta bed and turns the lights on and to my horror I realized that I had just wiped up all that jizz up off of myself with her CHILD'S JACKET! Wowwwwww!!! I held that jacket out to inspect the damage and that shit ended up looking like Spiderman shot a web on that shit!

I played it smooth though, I balled that bitch up while she was in the bathroom and kicked that shit under her bed. Then I got dressed, chunked the duece and bounced! The next day while she was getting her seed ready for school she called me and asked if I had seen her youngn's jacket.


I think she discovered the whereabouts of that jacket because I bumped into her at this club a few months later and she hit a nigga with the ice grill..

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