Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve Recap

I hope everyone had a good time last night getting their boogie on! Let us start the recap of my night!

Brock and I 1st hit up Granby street. We stopped by Time 1st and it was uber-lame. Then we went to Velvet which was HORRIBLE! So we finally hit up Premier which was a lot better. I wasn't the SHIT but it wasn't wiggidy-wiggidy-wiggidy-wack (c) Kriss Kross.

So we're chopping it up with DJ Joe Fu while watching these two plastic looking ass bimbo's griding up on each other in a futile attempt to look seductive. They came off lookin' quite TRASHY! Brock turns and says to me "I hope these bitches don't think that shit looks sexy!"

We start walking around the venue killin' time and we run into Joe Fu's sister Jade who just happened to be in V.I.P. She invites us to join her and gets us wristband so we could come and go as we please. We stroll up in there and introduce ourselves to the other patrons in there and get ready to just post-up and enjoy the night.

So I'm sitting there listening to tunes and fuckin' off on my iPhone when Brock suddenly says to me "Did you just see that shit?!" I looked at him bewildered while looking around to see what he was talking. Looking at me like he just saw the most god-awful thing ever Brock says "Did you just see that bitch lift up her skirt and scratch her pussy?!?" I immdiately dropped my jaw (pause) and said to him with the cliche' "YOU LYING!" Sure enough he goes into detail on how she did it so shamelessly. For the rest of the night I couldn't stop laughing...

This was the infamous "Pussy Scratcher"

Brock telling Jade about how he caught that girl diggin' in her twat!

I don't know who this cat is but appearently he's a friend of Jade's and he doesn't give a FUCK about rockin' white after Labor Day lol..

Tiffany and Nikki

Brock hatin' on the low w/ Darryl

Brittney aka Pitbull muggin' w/ her crew

Brittney, Brock and Paris


This is the epitome of Thug Luvin' lol

Darryl's Sis... side note: her dreads look lovely..

Muthafuckin' $cottie P

Thug Luvin' part deux

Keshelle be lucky I was in a kind mindset cuz I had a pic wayyyyy worse! You're going to learn to just "play ball"...

Darryl I can damn near see your brains.

The Crime Family

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