Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

This game was the beginning of the infamous "micAh! temper tantrum's"

When Mike Tyson's Punch-out! first came on the scene I would play this shit for hours on end! I would always do aight until I got to King Hippo.

But after learning that I had to punch that bitch in the "X" on his stomach I finally made my way past the next batch of fighters to meet the one they call MIKE TYSON.

I swear to god NO VIDEO GAME IN HISTORY (well maybe Bo Jackson on Techmo Bowl) had a player that was so lopsidedly UNFUCKWITABLE!! I mean how in the hell can this nigga constantly end the game with one blow to the head (whoa na!) EVERY GATDAMN TIME!??! You couldn't block the shit because he'd knock you silly through ya own damn block and it was damn near impossible to dodge his punches because them shit was un-humanly fast!

When Tyson would beat me that would start up the infamous "micAh! temper tantrum's" which is basically:
  • crying
  • screaming at the TV
  • throwing the controller
  • punching whatever was near me
  • screaming out loud how it was a conspiracy specifically created against me

My step-brother could ALWAYS beat him and I hated his guts everytime he did it!

Now that I'm older here are a few things I've noticed about this game now:

Little Mac had a damn moose knuckle

The depiction of "Doc" the trainer was a bit sambo

and who in the hell would be jogging through NYC in a pink sweatsuit?


DAY-O said...

007 373 9563<-- i had that code on lock down!
I used to destroy Tyson just to show mufukas the deal.

micAh! said...

you cheating ass nigga! lol

DAY-O said...

neva that! I earned that shit, thats why i still know it till this day! Nintendo didnt have memory cards fam. and why the fuck you losing to king hippo anyway?

micAh! said...

nigga all you had to do was write the code down like my friends used to do... I lost to king hippo because his defense was

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