Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Thought by micAh!

I was stuck in traffic the other day and I happened to see someone next to me with one of those country flags hanging from their rear view mirror. Immediately it conjured up some deep embedded thoughts that I hadn't thought about in awhile.

Being a military brat I grew up in a culturally diverse environment. I grew up with Asians, Latinos, Europeans, etc... So being raised in a melting pot I was always submitted to various ethic groups broadcasting the pride that they had being a part of something. You have no idea what its like to go to your Filipino friends b-day party (which are the shit by the way!) and hear them going on in Tagalog or going to a Korean homie's house and hearing them talk about stuff native to their culture. I would front like I ain't care but on the low I was MAD JEALOUS!

What special language do I have? Fuckin' Ebonics?!? Everyone knows that shit courtesy or MTV and BET! Hell I wish I could throw up a flag and rock a t-shirt that showed pride for a particular ethnic group. Pretty much my only options was either a "Proud to be an American" t-shirt or a "Black Pride" medallion. I mean don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with being proud to be a black or a patriot but damn I'd like to be able to break it down a bit more that African-American! Where's my fuckin' rear view mirror flag for that!?! It's not fair that my people were torn from not only their native land but also their families and culture. I mean yes I can do the DNA test but even that's not totally accurate which sucks!

So to my flips, boriquas, chicanos, english blokes, etc... FUCK YA'LL!!! Naw i'm playing I love everyone I'm just jealous! :(


Sairy said...

dont trip bay bay im cuban mexican and black....idk what to rep...so you can have one a mines if youd like??? lol

micAh! said...

at least u got options! lol

Anjl Marie said...


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