Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Thought by micAh!


By: ME

This bitches feet are THROWED!!!


I am not a huge fan of feet by far but I'm not a complete Podophobia like a few people I know. Now that being said ladies DO NOT FUCKING ASK ME TO SUCK YOUR TOES. Apparently a lot of girls seem to "get off" on having that done. Now I'm all about pleasing a woman to the fullest extent but if you ask me to do that I'm gonna hit you with a serious GASFACE.

I will however rub your feet but the following conditions must be met:

  • a pedicure is a must
  • No corns!
  • No bunyons
  • No scars from you trying to wear those shoes that were REALLY CUTE but were a lil' TOO SMALL
  • toenail polish can't be all fucked up
  • they damn sure can't stink
  • you can't have stubby Vienna sausage fat toes
  • No hair on your toe knuckles

When I'm in public I ALWAYS look at folks feet. You can tell a lot about folks by the upkeep of their feet. You remember that scene from Boomerang when Eddie Murphy got done knocking down Lela Rochon and pulled back the covers and saw her jacked up feet poking out from underneath the covers? I've had instances like that and have wanted to immediately throw up...


Mr. Jolla said...

ugh....that's the same thing I call 'em though, the Vienna Sausages UnCanned Exclusives. 2 of 2 and shit...all of those are a must if you plan on taking your damn SOCKS off, much less any foot to hand, foot to bed, foot to foot contact...

Anonymous said...

L0l cute blog
i hate wen ppl be like eeewww i hate feet
im like wow its just a body part
unless the feet r completely crusty && jaCcd i can deal wit em

Sairy said...

lol...all good facts

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