Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today's events...

I've been doing a lot of Pre-Deployment taskings and it is a tedious string of events!

I had to get the following shots:
  • Typhoid (it felted like cold gravy being injected into my arm!)
  • Anthrax (it felt like they shot hot sauce DIRECTLY into the muscle! shit burned!!)
  • Hepatitis B
  • along with get blood drawn for a HIV test
I walked outta hospital with band-aids going up both arms. MY ARMS ARE KILLING ME!!!

Then I had to schedule a PHA (physical health assessment or medical check up), a dental appointment and a hearing test. Also I have to make my mom the executor of my Will and my power of attorney tomorrow.

And I'm not nearly completed with all the tasks I gotta accomplish..

This shit is starting to get annoying...


LEX$ said...

nigga, why the fuck are you still getting those anthrax shots? thats the reason i'm gettin disability. them shits weren't FDA approved, kinfolk. its bullshit. stop gettin them ASAP.

micAh! said...

guess I'm fucked cuz that was my 7th anthrax shot..

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