Thursday, January 29, 2009

You might wanna re-think what you're about to do...


That's what I thought automatically when I saw this pic! You gotta be a grimey, trifling, down-for-whatever, nasty ass bitch to put your tongue on ANYTHING in a skrip club (not a typo)! ESPECIALLY THE FUCKIN' POLE!

Maybe at a white strip club, oh pardon men Gentlemens Club, would that shit be even remotely safe. Because they do more acrobatics and graceful movements on the pole (yo!). But I dare her to stick her tongue on that pole after Extasty or Delicious from Magic City got done using it. I bet she'll end up looking like THIS.

Because a black chick will put that pole between the crack of her ass and rub her monkey on that bitch too! I remember one time I went to this strip club (against my will cuz I think paying to get teased is so lame) this chick was going to WORK on the pole! She was grinding her cooch on that poor pole so hard that when she got done and walked away you could see twat residue on it!

*gas face*


Mr. Jolla said...

lol...she loses harder than your boy from A Christmas Story...and her tongue comes off immediately following a dumb lick.

Nellz said...

grosssss wow thats pretty much disgusting.

Anonymous said...

you stupid

Anonymous said...

lmaooo @ twat residue

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