Thursday, February 5, 2009

I can't drink the kool-aid with this one...

look familiar? See 808's and Heartbreak LP cover.

...but apparently America's street wear pipeline Karmaloop has taken a sip.

I don't understand the hype behind these. I really don't! Folks they're fucking legos stacked together!!! Are you maw'fuckas THAT lazy where you can't trot your stankin' asses down to the local Toys-r-Us or even WAL-MART to cop some cheap ass legos??

...but I won't totally kick Dee & Ricky in the nuts because their No Mas X Starter duffle bags they created are sick!


Omie said...

the biggest wtf of this entire shananigan is that they got lego belt buckles too.. now if ii c someone in the club with te lego belt buckle thinking they flossin they going home smacked up..

micAh! said...

LMAO @ "they going home smacked up..."

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