Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"My life got no better, same damn Lo' sweater, time's is rough and tough like leather..."

Some hatin' ass nigga tried to son 88-keys in the comment section on hypebeast...


kids it you are going to be obsessive please be so about something tasteful. ‘LO heads’ give me a break. Ralph Lauren doesn’t even wear that old stuff.

I guess hypebeast wants me to go to my local swap meet and get some sweet vintage gear like his? Cookie boots, how about some black label.

Yeah, you keep it real. Real … broke!


I normally don’t address people outside of the blogs I usually frequent (no disrespect to Hype Beast whatsoever) but to address “urmom”… 1. I don’t wear anything outside of Polo collections. Now, if you’re as knowledgeable in Ralph Lauren’s clothing as I think you are (not) you’d know that the company is called Ralph Lauren, both Polo & Black Label are separate subdivisions. I don’t do anything outside of Polo. 2. The RANGER Boots (which I’m sure you refer to as the “Cookie Boots”) were Polo Sport which I do NOT where. This was just an old piece I pulled out of my closet which they asked me to speak about. The Men.Style/GQ 5 man crew came to my apt. & filmed me for a few minutes shy of an hour. 3. I don’t do the “vintage gear” (which I stated but was edited out). Again, if you were up on your Polo sh*t then you’d know that this collection(s) displayed in this very brief video clip are of (semi-)recent (’06 - ‘08 collections: Indian Pointe, Naval Utility & World Traveler). 4. Before you criticize I suggest you do a little bit of ‘homework’ because, to a person with as much product knowledge as I have on Polo, you just come off sounding really uneducated on the topic & a bit bitter. Thanks for chiming in. Peace!

Gotta love the anonymous cyber haters. lol. If you don't have 88-key's cd "Death of Adam" then you've lost. Get ya life right and cop that shit!

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Mr. Jolla said...

co-sign on that CD being THAT SHIT...

LOL @ dude getting sonned like Steve Nash...

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