Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sorry Charmaine but this is TOO GOOD 2 not pass on!

Str8 from 'maines mouth..*WHOA*

Ok I was off yesterday and straight missed this message! How is it over there? U think u gonna like it a lil? This crazy guy that called me last week to book a condo called me back Tuesday to book it and he told me my voice is "very nice sounding" lol! Then he begins to ask me questions and asked if I was married when I said no he asked if I'd like to be... Crazy ass! I guess the phone sex voice jacked him up cuz he asked me to marry him about 20 times. He asked to speak to my supervisor so he could reccommend I get a raise, went on about how he's dated black girls before blah blah blah. I guess he finished wacking off eventually cuz he kept trying to get me to say my name to him! Crazy as hell! You and Tommy wuda been rollin! Just had to share... Take care!

Tommy can attest to the fact that she does indeed have a phone sex operator

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