Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Steppin' in dog shit by micAh!

Dog Shit

I hate when I step in dog shit (or any animal dookie for that matter)! Real talk, I break too much bread for the kicks! So when I step in f0reign animal dooty it TRULY ruins my day. I swear letting your dog shit and not cleaning up after it is some extremely trifling shit!

*story time*

I remember one day I skipped class to get the Jordan XIII's. Being that I live so niggerish, I rocked them str8 out the store. So you know the kid was feeling himself (whoa) like he was rolling. So I'm on my way back to school with the fresh kicks on and I realized I was gonna miss a class that I didn't need to miss so I decided to double-time and cut through the lawn in front of the school. "WTF you doin' rockin' fresh J's on grass?" yeah I know... So I'm about 10 feet from the door and that's when it happened. I slipped down the a hill on some dog shit and it when up the outter side of my j's and up my pants leg! FML!!!

Here I am outside the front of the school throwing a BF like none other! I had about 2min before the bell rang and the hall would be packed like a rap concert. So I tried to b-line to the nearest bathroom but of course it was out of order and locked up! FML!!! I knew that I had to channel my inner Emmett Smith (FL NATIVE AND COWBOY GREAT) and book it to the next closet bath room. God had it in for me that day because the bell went off! FML!!! So the hallway filled up quicker than New Orleans during Katrina. Everyone wanted to dap the kid up and bitches wanted to hug. Then that's when it happned some chick I was feeling on the low said "ewwww something smell like shit!" I tried to play it off like "yeah I know wtf is that?" as I'm making my way to the bathroom and of course my boy scream out "nigga is that doo-doo on your new J's?" Of course the term "new J's" makes everyones head snap around and then he follows it up with "I know that ain't shit going up your fucking leg!?!?"



Candy+Andy said...

I can no longer read your blog in class!!! All the nudie pics and the hilarity is going to get me caught up!!! lol!!! I was laughing out loud in class at this one...tee hee!!

micAh! said...

sorry my misfortune mad you laugh in class! lol

LEX$ said...

damn....that happened to me with my Grant Hills back in 7th grade....except the whole "dookie on the leg" part. and what made it worse is the shit stained my shoe so it was white with orange areas on it. i cried....literally

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