Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What's really hood ya'll? lol I grew up in the base housing/suburbs, anywho, I'm currently waiting in B-More to catch my flight to ziet duetchland aka Germany. From there I leave to Italy and then to my final Destination Qatar.

It's crazy traveling in my uniform. I've been getting MAD LOVE from old white folks! Since I left Norfolk this a.m. I've been getting handshakes, pats on the backs, "attah boys" and plenty of "thank you so much for what you do..." Folks have been offering me drinks, food, etc.. One girl gave me some digits, talking about "call me when you get back." dizzamn!! Hell I might have to start traveling everywhere in my uniform!

I'm currently posted up in the USO. For you non-military folks its a lounge in airport terminals designated for military personal. This is dope! Free wi-fi, there's an area for you to sleep, a tv lounge and here's the coup de grace THEY GIVE YOU FREE BOXES OF GIRL SCOUT COOKIES AND THEY LET YOU HAVE AS MANY AS YOU WANT!!! NIGGA WHAT?!?!


Mr. Jolla said...

USO in Midway Airport (Chicago) is the SHIT lol...nevermind the fact that a nigga didn't want to leave, A NIGGA DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE after getting introduced to that shit...I wonder if they'll still let me use it even though I ETS'd like 4 years ago...lol

micAh! said...

Maybe if you just flash an ID card real quick they'll let you slide through...lol

Dank Rishaad said...

Damn dog..I didnt know all that shit. I travel alot with my job...State side travel but...still


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