Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's Your Favorite Song?

Someone asked me that the other day and without skipping a beat I immediately replied UGK - "Wood Wheel". Whenever I hear this track I instantly scrunch my mug up and my head starts bobbin' perfectly with the beat (pause). Hell, if I'm really feeling the track at that moment I'll even start doing Pimp C's dance. What's the Pimp C dance? See the Big Pimpin' video when video whore extrodonaire Gloria Velez was dancing on him in front of the SL500. He was doing the infamous Pimp C dance at that moment...

I remember the 1st time I heard this track, I was taken aback by the back-and-forth banter between Bernard and Chad. I immediately dubbed a copy of my boys cd and took it home to memorize this "Country Rap Tune". This was no easy feat since the song is practically 5 minutes long. To accomplish this I had to decide who's verses I would remember first. That wasn't hard to decide. PIMP C was the clear choice! I mean Bun B ain't no slouch on the mic but this was clearly Sweet James Jones day in the booth.

I truly think that few can compare to UGK when it comes to trading verses back and forth on a track. If I had to pick someone to rival The Underground Kingz immediately Jadakiss and Styles P come to mind but of course I couldn't leave out Run DMC. That would be just negligant on my part.

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