Monday, March 23, 2009

Brandon Taylor.. u silly MF.

Sonn'n Season doesn't give a FUCK that you don't have a blog. Maybe if your spokesperson refrained from throwing you to the wolves and talking general tom-foolery, then you wouldn't have to worry about me shittin' on you...

Fran, you've been coming at the kid sideways since my feet touched the sand. For a future roommate you're not very

I'm a snake on shed... Leave me alone!

Believe me I got a century worth of jokes. I just don't focus my energy on pissin' on niggaz (no r.kelly) when I'm at the homebase cuz I'm too busy tryin' to cut something.


p.s. A nigga's heart is filled with anger cuz I'm eating healthy now and I'm not choppin' nuttin' down here.. I'm not happy.

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