Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fit to Fight...

When I 1st saw this pic awhile ago I figured that homie was a isolated case. Mannnnnnnn this shit is a fucking EPIDEMIC! I always knew the Air Force had some fat mawfuckas. Pretty much everyone knows that. Its broadly known that we don't really give a fuck about PT. The Marines and Army are basically seen as the example of how we (the military as a whole) should look physically.

"Damn shit done changed..." - Christopher Wallace

Since the Army has relaxed their rules and regulations so they can maintain a acceptable level of soldiers due to the "war on terror" the shit has gotten outta hand! Man I ain't never seen so many fat as military folks in my life!


oNe mAn gAng said... have no fucking idea. It's not necessarily that bad in the states (for those who haven't been to Iraq yet), but for those who have?? Think about it...breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight chow...fridge in the room, MRE's leftover and I picked up like 20 lbs, but the difference with me was it was muscle due to hitting the gym. That fat fuck in this pic wasn't hitting shit but the PX and Burger King.

micAh! said...

dog its ridiculous how much access you have to food over here! 24/7 food! shit is nucking futs!

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