Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good Flick...

"Inspired by Basquiat set my chariots on fire/everybody took shots, fill my body up i'm tired/build me up, break me down, build me up again/they like "Hov we need you back so we can kill yo' ass again..." - Sean Corey

Jean-Michel Basquiat - (December 22, 1960August 12, 1988) was a Haitian American artist. He gained popularity first as a graffiti artist in New York City, and then as a successful 1980s-era Neo-expressionist artist. Basquiat's paintings continue to influence modern-day artists and command high prices.

I watched Basquiat today and I must say it was a pretty dope movie. I mean I know it's not entirely acurate but it vividly portrayed this modern day picasso as a tortured soul but talented indivual who succumbed to his deamons. I walked away from the movie wanting to learn more about him...

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