Saturday, March 28, 2009


Me and my homie Big Ash was having a lil' online chat about the most niggerish college bball teams and we broke it down to two teams:

1. The Fab 5

Key Points:
  • Popularized Baggy/Long Shorts
  • Didn't give a fuck about running the score up
  • Revolutionized killing your spirit by yelling in your face even though you were already embarrassed after getting dunked on!
  • Rock'd whatever shoes they wanted to rock (including J's). Fuck a team shoe!!!
  • Pretty much the standard definition of a College Player ballin' off of Boosters
  • Would do niggerish shit like throwing oops off the glass even though they had an open layup...

2. The Running Rebels of UNLV

Key Points:
  • Pretty much a loose collective of Criminals
  • The coach Jerry Tarkanian was the most thuggerific coach next to Bob Huggins
  • Shitted on Americans white boys (Dookie) in the championship game.
    (still hold the record for largest defeat margin in a championship game)
  • Hell LJ's single gold tooth in the front was so niggerish! and he STILL was able to get endorsements!
  • Stacy Augmon allegedly whooped some ass at a bar during his Runnin' Rebels days

Honorable mention: Phi Slamma Jamma, UNC during the carter-wallace era, and Da Hoyas during Ewing/Mutumbos reign of terror..

"...So niggerish/tickle us pink like white girl clitiorus" - Gene Thorton

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♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...

lol yall r crazy
love the possttt

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